Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Somalis in Denmark are shocked

Perhaps even shocked, shocked:
The Somali community in Denmark is shocked that [Danish security service] PET is saying a Danish-Somali is the suicide terrorist who was responsible for the suicide bomb that cost 24 people their lives last week in Somali's capital, Mogadishu.
"I know him as a nice, smiling and well-behaved boy. The Somalis in Denmark are shocked that he's accused of being responsible for the bomb," says Ahmed H. Dhaqane, head of the Somali Association in Denmark and member of the Rødovre council for the Social Democrats.
Dhaqane says that the man whom PET suspects was the suicide bomber from Mogadishu came to Denmark when he was five, about 17 years ago, together with his parents, and lived in the Rødovre suburb of Copenhagen. He lived there until he got married to a Somali woman from Copenhagen, after which he moved to Amager (Copenhagen).
"The family is quiet and calm. Also they aren't particularly religious. It isn't a family there have been problems with," says Dhaqane.
That's from Islam in Europe, a blog that provides English translations of European press reports about issues related to Islam.


  1. Seems change was in the air.

    "He does admit, though, that the man PET had their eye on began to get radicalized over the past two years he'd lived in Denmark.

    He was well-integrated and respected. But suddenly he began to get very interested in Islam and visited the various mosques in Copenhagen."

    Could be a problem.

    Why is it that if someone starts to visit churches or synagoges, we expect they may become more respectful of others, but when we hear of them visiting mosques we are hardly surprised to learn they blew themselves up, along with 24 other people?

    It's not a good sign.

  2. Not sure if you're right that we all expect someone who visits a church to become more respectful of others.

    What we do know is that religion has often caused wars rather than prevented them...

  3. Let's see, Somali yutes, leaving their adoptive countries to return to Mogadissathirdworldcesspool, and blowing themselves up along with other ignorant Muslims... What is the downside her exactly? Why should I givadamn?