Friday, December 11, 2009

You should have killed him, Jenny

No South Carolina grand jury would have indicted you:
First Lady Jenny Sanford issued a statement this morning saying she is filing for divorce from Gov. Mark Sanford.
In a two-page filing made this morning in Charleston County family court, Jenny Sanford asked for a divorce on grounds of adultery.
Well, duh! Anyway, her should-have-been-shot scumbag of a soon-to-be-ex-husband remains clueless:
Sanford had told reporters on Wednesday that he was still trying to reconcile with his wife.
"Jenny is a great person, and has been a remarkable wife, mother and first lady. She has been more than gracious these last six months and gone above and beyond in her patience and commitment to put the needs of others in front of her own. While our family structure may change, I know that we will both work earnestly to be the best mom and dad we can be to four of the finest boys on earth," the governor said Friday.
Forgive me for exposing myself to the accusation of "inciting violence," but if Jenny would have shot that two-timing lowdown polecat the minute she found out he'd hiked the Appalachian Trail all the way to Argentina, she'd be more popular among conservative women than Sarah Palin.

UPDATE: Guess which blogger habitually refers to Mark Sanford as "philandering creationist governor"? Hint: Notoriously Discredited Douchebag.

(Via Memeorandum.)


  1. Yeah, that's going to work out.. especially after all his pining over his Argentinian Mistress during his news conference when he made public his affair.

  2. I'm against the death penalty, but I think that he ought to be made to hike the Appalachian Trail in petticoats.

  3. Finally a political wife with some self-respect, not this "Stand by You Man" ridiculousness. Much as I would enjoy reading that she shot that lying, cheating scumbag, she is doing the right thing. I hope she takes him to the cleaners. - Nancy

  4. Elin Woods should be taking notes!! This is how you react to low life cheating husbands. Mind you, in the alternative RSM makes a good case!

  5. This is what we are supposed to read-twice ?
    The support of the murder of a man not convicted of a capital crime ?