Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Knock, Knock

Who's there?
Hate who?
Hate to tell Harry Reid, but Danny Tarkanian is running for Senate. He's beating Harry in the polls. And he's angry about Harry's slavery remark:
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Danny Tarkanian -- a community activist with a history of working with at-risk African-Americans in Las Vegas -- called on Senator Harry Reid to apologize on the Senate floor for comparing his health care opponents to defenders of slavery.
"Harry Reid's comments comparing opponents of his health reforms to defenders of slavery are a disgrace to the institution of the Senate and an embarrassment to Nevada. If there is any dignity left in this man, he will apologize on the Senate Floor," said Tarkanian.
Danny Tarkanian has been personally active in Las Vegas' African-American community through the Tarkanian Basketball Academy which teaches young Las Vegans -- many of whom are African-American -- life lessons through sports.
Let's look at the facts:

This is all we really need to know, except for the fact that the other main GOP candidate, Sue Lowden, is the "preferred candidate of the Republican party establishment." And if there is anything we haters hate worse than we hate Harry Reid, it's the Republican party establishment.
Who's with me?


  1. And "Tark the Shark" is his dad!

  2. [Sue Lowden, is the "preferred candidate of the Republican party establishment]

    After the NY23 election, we know how well the GOP picks their candidates!

  3. On your say so that he's not a squishy, mamby-pamby, me-too RINO, I'm with you all the way Stacy [but you've got to admit that Lowden gal is damn cute].

  4. Lowden was one of the original supporters of Nevada's crushing "jobs tax" - a no go from the get go...and did I mention she ran our state party into the ground? Please help get Tark through the primary or we'll be stuck with another Chafee.

  5. Sarah Palin's father supports Vaughn Ward, a Conservative Republican Veteran running for the GOP nomination in Idaho.

  6. I know that y'all aren't too fond of Massachusetts, so I can understand ignoring the mess that is made of our own state, but why, oh why, have you ignored the special election for the open US Senate seat?

    Primaries were today. The choices for US Senator are a conservative war veteran (and Tea Party speaker) and Martha Coakley, who is pro-carbon-tax, pro-public option, anti-Stupak, anti-life, and lists her foreign policy experience as having a sister in England.