Sunday, December 6, 2009

Give me coffee or give me . . .

. . . well, not death, but what would life be without it? Stolen from Paco Enterprises, "Java Jive":

BTW, if you've met Paco, you might notice that he vaguely resembles the guy in the hat and bowtie who makes his appearance at the 1:10 mark of the video. It's probably not Paco. He's old, but not that old.

And speaking of old, where does Paco keep digging up these Old School big-band videos? It's like he's stuck in some Internet time-warp where it's never later than 1951, cigarettes are 25 cents a pack, gasoline is still leaded, and everybody wears hats -- including the dames, who don't mind "sugar" or "doll."

It's a swell kind of place, pal.


  1. Better take the coffee the other will make your writing jiggley. BTW don't gorget the cig.

  2. You Tube is my friend!

    Steve up there has the lowdown on what I really look like (sorta).

    Well, I gots to trilly, hep cats and kittens. Dig you gates later. Well, awwwwwreet!

    Thanks for the link!

  3. I say: thank God for Paco being caught in that time warp.

    That's when men acted like men and broads like broads.