Monday, December 7, 2009

Hate to point this out again, but . . .

There are five A's in RAAAAACIST. For some reason, Michelle Malkin misspells (or miscounts) the word:
Crying “RAAAAAACIST:” Always the first and last refuge of left-wing scoundrels.

Maybe Harry Reid is angry because Bob Byrd has gone wobbly on health care?

The question with Reid is, which came first, the scoundrel or the left-wing? He's a shameless opportunist whose instincts are much like those of another congressional pugilist, Rep. Jim Moran (D-Mentia).

Via Memeorandum. More from Hot Air, Big Government, Riehl World View, Ed Driscoll, Le·gal In·sur·rec· tion, Red State. and Richard McEnroe at Three Beers Later.

UPDATE: Harry Reid has a problem with all those raaaaacist people who don't support ObamaCare. You know who I mean: Nevada voters!
President Barack Obama has lost ground in the last month in getting Nevadans to embrace his health care reform package and, for the first time, opposition is above 50 percent and support is below 40 percent, a new poll commissioned by the Las Vegas Review-Journal reveals.
The telephone poll of 625 registered voters found that 53 percent of Nevadans oppose the president's attempt to provide a remedy for problems in the nation's health care system. Support for the plan is at 39 percent.
So, a 53% majority of Nevada voters are haters. And their hate, as Harry Reid suspects, is related to race -- namely his 2010 re-election race:
Nevadans aren't warming up to Sen. Harry Reid, despite plenty of early advertising designed to boost his image, a new poll shows.
Just 38 percent of respondents said they had a favorable opinion of the Democratic Senate majority leader, the same percentage as in October and 1 point higher than in August.
The survey of 625 registered Nevada voters by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research suggests the promotional bombardment that Reid launched more than six weeks ago has yet to hit its target.
"I'd be worried," said Michael Franz, an assistant professor at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine, who studies political advertising. "I'd stop if I had aired ads for two or three weeks and it wasn't moving the needle."
Nine different Republicans raaaaacists are running in the primary for a chance to take on Harry, and either of the two best-known GOP candidates beats Reid in a head-to-head poll matchup.

Clearly, the Nevada Chamber of Commerce needs to come up with a new slogan:
Nevada: Where Everything Fun Is Legal,
Including Gambling, Prostitution and Hate
Remind me to bill you guys for the consulting fees . . .


  1. Notice how Reid discusses "There were those" and "Some Senators" when talking about Women's Suffrage and the abolition of slavery. What he does not want Americans to recall is that it was a conservative Lincoln of the Republican party who led the nation to end slavery, and the 66th Congress in 1920 was controlled by Republicans when Women's Suffrage was passed.

    I linked to this post in my own on the same subject... found your post through Left Coast Rebel in a post on the same.

  2. You forgot one of my favorites, "drinking 24/7"

  3. You'd think you'd stop digging.

  4. We're all stupid ignorant "things to be exploited" and swayed by his words without question. He's a senator and we're just stupid, uninformed people that pay taxes. God I pray the good people of Nevada throw him out on his ass, not just by a close election, but a large enough majority of votes where others will get the message.