Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rule 5 Sunday

by Smitty

Rule 5 Sunday, Tigrophilia edition. On the one hand, beauty is beauty. OK. On the other hand, even with plenty of sanitizer, it's vaguely voyeuristic to fret about what Tiger was up to past the 18th hole.

Fascination with sin (as opposed to crime) is simply unhealthy. So we'll put in a tear line at the bottom of the post, past which all of those "posts in the rough" can be grouped. Just another service this blog offers.
  • The Pirate's Cove, whom we've not linked here in entirely too long (shame on us), has a Santa hottie roundup, as well as important H1N1 advice from Cosmo via Newsweak.
  • PowerLine's coverage of the Miss World 2009 competition has been thorough, and
    quite heartening for a high-brow legal blog. And I mean that with the maximum affection possible.
  • Bombs and Dollars get into cat blogging, has a quartet of ladies with M-16s, then ups the ante to a full-on platoon. They have a hottie on a Humvee hood, and an apparent Commonwealth lady on what could be a ship's bridge, if my 4.5 years of sea time don't betray me. Also, a pilot trainee.
  • Smash Mouth Politics had a Chelsea Clinton roundup, in keeping with our bipartisan tradition here.
  • The Physics Geek brings you Michelle Ryan.
  • Yankee Phil suggests G. Gordon Liddy, oh, and a trio of ladies packing heat.
  • SI VIS PACEM serves up a tall, cold retro beer ad. Also links us for a Rule 5 declaration
    on Orit Sklar.
  • Morgan Freeberg has an Onion clip about the attractive girls union issuing a statement concerning some poor fellow. I categorically deny all rumors that this is based upon my life. Not me. No way. Meanwhile, over at the Alphabet of Pulchritude project, Raquel
    pwned Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett will have to go back to selling marble columns, apparently (~1:30)

  • Point of a Gun, apparently, wishes to invade Morgan Freeberg's Babe Research Space. PoaG has a long way to go to catch HoE in this regard, but Brook Burke and Alessandra Ambrosio are an excellent start. With global warming going up in flames, the additional hotness will be welcome down the road.
  • The Blogprof features a rather tortured looking tennis outfit, as abused by Serena Williams demonstrating why Tiger Woods is glad he didn't marry a tennis star.
  • Rightofcourse seems to think that when PETA exploits women, it's exploitation.
    No, RoC; PETA does it ironically.
  • Makes My Brain Itch had more Joanna Krupa reporting.
  • Troglopundit brings us Hayden Panettiere, also with 'stache.
  • Paco Enterprises recommends the King Sisters doing "Java Jive".
  • The WyBlog has women celebrating snowfall in bikinis. This blog does not recommend doing stuff like this, particularly when alcohol is involved. You'll freeze your naughty bits off.
  • Bob Belvedere is all over the map, starting with Rhonda Fleming. Lindsay
    recalls a boyhood crush. He recalls Summer most evocatively, and riffs of
    of Paco and WyBlog, has a naughty Wonder Woman, interesting calendar options, and a...chick playing hockey in a bikini...?
  • Fischersville Mike brings word that Kellie Pickler is going redhead. Yankee
    was so kind as to pick a video for us. This blog approves of this fine, seasonal outing.
  • Three Beers Later has Barney the Purple Dinosaur's red cousin, and, oh, Juliana Moreira. He also has a rather edgy, but still tasteful, comedy clip of a nude male model.
  • Dustbury minds neither Tyra Banks nor her footwear.
  • The Daley Gator has a global roundup, some Tyra Banks action with muppets, and Tim Tebow's consolation prize.
  • Jeffords has some disquieting statuery called "Brangelina Forever", then announces himself a Team Aniston devotee.
  • The Classic Liberal brings you Elisha Cuthbert, and a discussion of gold vs. paper money.
  • SondraK likes die Bibliothek.
  • Nation of Cowards finds courage in Denise Milani in a Christmas theme.
  • Observatoria de la Bellona, in the natural beauty category, has a shot of
    the Horsehead Nebula. Which reminds me of the cover for The Extremist and leaves me asking: Why?

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  1. Ya fergot my new Denise Milani post, but I fergives ya. And some Hollywood cultural senstitivity...

  2. You've gotta get in on the brewing Breitbart/LGF kerfuffle.

    Johnson is claiming that Breitbart wants to murder James Hansen.

  3. Thanks for the link!

    More astrophotos in my gallery: