Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Appearance of Pyrrhus was Self-Defeating

by Smitty

Dan Riehl points to Bill Kristol wondering aloud if the healthcare debate will prove a Pyrrhic victory for the Dems.

Again, Dan: if the Federal government's legitimacy in tampering with individuals remains unchallenged, then the Progressives are correct to view this conservative grousing as so much sound and fury.

In summary, in the broader sweep of history, the US Constitution itself shall have proven a Pyrrhic victory if we don't vanquish the Progressive vampire sucking the vitality out of our politics.

Federalism Amendment


  1. As a country that has slowly and steadily devolved into something our founders wouldn't recognize, as complacent citizens, as observers of idealogues that were allowed to rise to power... we needed this to re-affirm and slap us back into consciousness and ignite fires that have long been extinguished. Our Founders KNEW, they had to know by virtue of their foresight and brilliance in crafting our Declaration, Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, that this day would come. They knew that one day there would be a majority of "big government people" that would do what every government in history did and try to seize power from the rest of us and that a bunch of spineless cowards would in power might be our only defense. They however, set the groundwork so that patriots could fight them and take the country back when push came to shove. They knew that eventually the takers would outnumber the producers and would continually vote to keep the status quo so that others paid to take care of them while they did nothing. Our "checks and balances" is being tested to the limit but there's no way that free people will allow what is in the process of happening to happen in reality. They'll be voted out of office, the Supreme Court will rule what they are trying to do to be un-Constitutional, and the producers will refuse to be exploited any more. We were pushed to the brink where religion was minimized, God was rejected, charity was replaced by Government officials, and the very essence of what our Country offers was almost erased forever. It won't happen. We won't let it.

  2. I'm afraid it's too late. The secular "religion" of Statism is winning.

    You no longer are a free man or woman. You don't really own your property, in fact, you don't really own your life. The State rules.

    Social engineering do-gooders do. Even many GOP'ers and some conservatives are satisfied with the State's role in our lives. The Federal Leviathon must be dismantled but it won't. It's too late. The USA is to be sacrificed on the altar of "one world, one globe, one planet".

  3. @ Nessus: It does not have to be too late. The Poles, the Czechs and the other slaves of the Soviet Empire faced far more daunting odds than we do. The question becomes how much restoring our Freedom and Liberty will cost us. At this point, I believe the Bolsheviks can still be overthrown at the ballot box. But this will mean more than just galvanizing for one or two elections. The socialists have been working toward their goals and slowly but surely achieving them for over 70 years. One or two election cycles won’t be enough to undo their successes and there will no doubt be set backs. This is why the left has been so successful they never give up. It has been their little victories as much as the big ones that have them positioned for this “big push” to totalitarianism. In the past when conservatism regains power the recently enacted socialist policies are left in place. This must stop. In this battle between Socialism and Freedom one side or the other is correct. If Conservatism is correct and Socialism is not just evil but stupid then in the end in the end it must fail.