Friday, December 18, 2009

Go, Tabitha Go!

by Smitty

Getting down to crunch time on ObamaCare, ye patriots. Take it away, Tabitha:

McConnell digits: 202 224 2541
Webb's and Warner contact info. Calling him again as soon as I Tweet this.

This is essentially the vote for the bill. Should Dingy Harry get this, he can let his shakier dogs vote against the final copy.

0100 Monday, 21Dec candelight vigil? You bet your bippy I'm there. It's time to die with our boots on, if we can't live free of this atrocious Progressivism.

Iron Maiden's "Die With Your Boots On" starts off as if referring to BHO:
Another prophet of disaster who says the ship is lost
Another prophet of disaster leaving you to count the cost
Taunting us with visions, afflicting us with fear...


  1. One of my favorites from a great album!

  2. Smitty, I love that you use 80s metal to advance the conservative cause! Makes me teary-eyed remembering the Reagan era!

  3. Quality Metal is inherently conservative.

  4. Iron Maiden was kinda hit-or-miss IMO; not nearly up to the standard set by Judas Priest. But when they were on, they were ON.