Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our commenters need to up their game

"I can't hear 'Moving in Stereo' anymore without having Phoebe Cates' naked breasts dance through my head. Which isn't really such a bad thing, but it can be distracting."
-- Slartibartfast, Protein Wisdom (comment #77)
Why aren't we getting these clever "Phoebe Cates' naked breasts" comments over here, huh?

I'm disappointed. You guys are slacking off. This is the "Rule 5" blog, remember?

I'm not saying that comments about Phoebe Cates' naked breasts should be on every post, but Slartibartfast is definitely onto something there, because now I've got that guitar riff from "Moving in Stereo" stuck in my head. And you do, too.


  1. Way to much Penn, and not enough Cates.

  2. All right, I confess! I posted a "Ziva David and Calleigh Duquesne 'special video' for Cynthia Yockey" joke over at Litte Miss Attilah's instead of here!

  3. A friend of mine used to watch the video to Peter Gabriel's Steam solely for the scene with him in the sauna with the girls in towels.

  4. All yer naked breastz are belong to Hive Mind and the most sublime sarcasm ever invented by sarcasm.

    If you posted more about this, I may be tempted to comment on your site every few minutes, but don't know if I could handle not just the world's greatest blog on the entire planet, but the entire multiverse!

  5. ConantheCimmerian said....

    Two words for/from Georgia:
    Tiffany Fallon

    Now that is a peach.

    Google those words at your own risk.

    Some hips were made for birthing!

  6. Kevin Kline is...still...a lucky, lucky man.