Thursday, December 17, 2009

Alabama attorney successfully
employs 'Roll Tide' defense

Why they call it "Sweet Home Alabama":
The BCS Championship game is so big in Alabama that it has shut down school for three days and now led to an accidental-death case being delayed so an attorney can attend the game.
In a move that is becoming as much of a trend as SEC teams playing for and winning the national title, an Alabama lawyer filed a motion seeking a trial date continuance based upon a conflict with the Alabama-Texas BCS title game. Jon B. Terry, a 57-year-old defense attorney for Energen Corporation filed the motion in Jefferson County, Alabama stating as grounds for the continuance, the well-established Roll Tide exception to general court business.
In a call to his office, Mr. Terry's secretary "not the Auburn one" said she was not at liberty to announce the judge's response to the motion. But a call to the judge's chambers, the honorable Dan C. King presiding -- an Auburn man no less -- confirmed that the judge has granted the motion although an official order has not yet been released.
Judge King told the Birmingham News, "If I didn't, they'd say, 'He just didn't grant it because he's an Auburn fellow. I wouldn't do that to 'em."
New joke for Jeff Foxworthy in 3, 2, 1 . . .

And really, you need to hit my Pasadena tip-jar for that.

Update: (Smitty) It should also be noted that sympathy for Stacy's cause might also help Troglopundit's, as a collateral bonus.

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  1. It is a well known fact that in Atlanta you can park in the handicap zones if you have an Auburn sticker on your car.

    Mark Reardon (R Sonny's BarBQue)