Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tweet of the Day Week Year

Monique Stuart on Twitter:
Google "cheap whore" and my website comes up. So cool! Thanks, Vodka!
Last month, Stephen Green at VodkaPundit examined Bill Clinton's remarks about the politic strategy of passing bad legislation just to say you'd passed something:
There are statesmen, there are politicians, and then there are cheap whores who would sell out their country for a vote.
Ask Senate sellout Ben Nelson about that. Anyway, Monique Stuart concurred with VodkaPundit's sentiments and put "cheap whore" in the headline of her blog post, so that now when you Google "cheap whore" you get her post as the 10th result.

We should fix this. Ben Nelson is a cheap whore. I think other bloggers will agree that there is no cheap whore cheaper than Ben Nelson.


  1. "I think other bloggers will agree that there is no cheap whore cheaper than Ben Nelson."

    Well, with the economy being what it is( when is that omnipotent, all-knowing Capitalism finally gonna come around?) a cheap whore is better than an expensive whore.
    Except for Rush Limbaugh. Hey like his "escorts" real pricey....

  2. Cheap whore? I doubt he was cheap. My guess is that it cost Reid half a billion for this clusterfark!

  3. Give it a few days and Ben Nelson's page should be the first hit under "cheap whore".

  4. Hey young 4 eyes how's my favorite Bolshevik doing? Run along now the grown ups would like to talk.
    The upside to this is that this almost surely means one less dem senator after 2010. The passing of this bill gives the republicans a cudgel with which they can beat progressives every day until next Nov. What I don't understand is why they've crafted a bill that only raises taxes before 2014 when the other provisions kick in. How can they not realize that this bill can be repealed and replaced as late as 2013 with almost no negative effects? All of the other big social programs were far too entrenched to be painlessly repealed by the time their opponents regained power.

  5. Google-Bombs Away!

    Quoted from and Linked to at:

    PS: Everytime I use the name 'Ben Nelson' in my posting, I link it to this:

  6. Nelson's seat doesn't come up 'til 2012. This vote keeps him from Reid's hassle until the 2011-2 House. If the House is competent AND if it votes to repeal this monster, then Nelson can ride in on his white horse and support the repeal. He might be a whore - okay, he is a whore - but he won't stay bought.

    As Ace has pointed out, the cheapest whore in the Senate is Burris. Burris is compromised, crooked, and doomed. He will do anything for cash right now.

  7. Cheap whore, yes. Illinois will be paying for Nebraska, Louisiana and Vermont. I guess that really means Durbin and Burris are cheap whores too, and I intend to tell them so.