Monday, December 14, 2009

The Ned Lamont Party

Liberals are upset that Joe Lieberman will vote "no" on ObamaCare, which may be enough to block passage. Matthew Yglesias at Think Progress:
Welcome to the Lieberman Administration
And the Huffington Post:
81% Of Dems Want Lieberman Punished For Health Care Filibuster
Remember when liberals claimed that the NY23 election showed that Republicans were purging moderates? The same liberals -- who backed Ned Lamont's futile 2006 challenge to Lieberman -- now want to strip Lieberman of his Homeland Security committee chairmanship.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin wants to drive a stake through the heart of this legislative monster. She notes that Laura Ingram will speak Tuesday at a big "Code Red" rally at the Capitol.

Exit question: If the Left succeeds in turning the Democrats into the Ned Lamont Party, should conservatives turn the GOP into the Doug Hoffman Party?


  1. I was one of many Republicans and Independents who crossed party lines to return Joe to the Senate. I have a great many disagreements with Joe across a wide range of subjects, but I do believe that he is at his core a decent man, and I resented the Democrats here in CT turning on Joe, especially his completely faithless Senate colleague Chris Dudd.

  2. Useful rule of thumb. When progressives accuse conservatives/libertarians of some heinous act it almost allways tells you what they plan to do or would if they could.

  3. I strongly support these types of liberal reactions to actions of their caucus members. I applaud the fund raising and socialist litmus tests of Move On .org. While the rising influence of grassroots conservative movements, if properly interpreted and acted upon, will make the right stronger and should make the Republicans more principled and there for more electable. I do NOT support rigid or absolute litmus tests for Republican candidates. They do however need to re-embrace conservative fiscal and national security principles. I do however support litmus tests of Democrats by “progressives/bolshevists”. In fact one could make a good case for conservatives giving financial aid to these efforts. The left’s attacks on their own can only make the dems more leftier. This is good for the country and conservatives. Historically movements have their “night of the long knives” after assuming power. Movements that consolidate their principles and then base policy on those principles, are stronger after words. The time for these sometimes painful adjustments is not while struggling to implement a party’s agenda, particularly as the dems have so many disparate policies backed by so few actual principles.

  4. Lieberman is scum and not only deserves to be stripped of his chairmanship, but should be stripped of his citizenship.
    Seriously though, he is the poster-child for the cancerous politics that got us to where we are at right now.
    Unlike Republitards, this has nothing to do with purity tests or purging, as Lieberman has proven himself to be a self-serving piece of excrement whose only interest is in maintaining a job in government so that he can feed his litter of children with the public teat. Lieberman personifies the welfare mentality.
    Strange bedfellows:seeing as Lieberman exemplifies the type of politician Cons supposedly abhor, you'd think Cons would skewer him. Ah, but as long as he gives Cons petty victories, Cons will love him like one of their own.
    Which is why I maintain that Conservatism is a sham religion invented by talk-radio....

  5. That there's pretty funny, Young 4-Eyes. I remember how Jim Jeffords was a principled man when he switched parties and got paid off in chairmanships. Joe Lieberman was one of the only Democrats who voted for the Iraq War who didn't find it convenient to make excuses for his vote later on.

    Remember President Obama's promises regarding taxes (just for starters)? Principles.

  6. Nice to see what the left will do once they have enough power. Stripped of chairmanship, stripped of citizenship and I suspect sent to the gulags.


  7. Hey Young one, using the vernacular to which you most certainly relate:

    F YOU

  8. Oh my Y4E.

    You sound rather stalinistic.

  9. Remember the Democratic proverb -

    Do as I command, not as I do.

    Democrats will be the first to self-destruct a fellow Democratic congressman or Senator who has one difference with the liberal base.

  10. "Joe Lieberman was one of the only Democrats who voted for the Iraq War who didn't find it convenient to make excuses for his vote later on."

    Precisely why Lieberman is lower than dirt. It's one thing to realize your mistakes and at least try to explain your way out of it and it's another to stand by a terrible mistake ( like voting for the Iraq war) and defending it as if it was the right thing to do. He's scum and he needs to go work in the private sector.

    "Remember President Obama's promises regarding taxes (just for starters)? Principles."

    Hey buddy, I guess you're the only one in America whose taxes have been raised. As far as I can tell, no taxes have been raised. Principles?What do you know about principles when you can't even argue for yourself with facts?

    "You sound rather stalinistic."

    I do? Funny, but if you read what I said you will find nothing about sending anyone to any gulag, as some simpleton decided to read into my comment.

    "Hey Young one, using the vernacular to which you most certainly relate:F YOU"
    Oh that hurts. Why dont you go F yourself and S a D M-effer? Oh that was easy.
    Got to dumb it down for the Conservatives....

  11. Stacy,

    Laura's last name is Ingraham.

  12. Apparently Y4E ain't too bright.

    The stalinistic remark was a joke, based upon the left's labeling of Doug Hoffman's supporters as Stalinists.

    Read a paper sometime young man.

  13. Why are all of the above comments an one nit wit's comment if? One can not improve a leftist's intellect, it's like explaining gravity to a 2 year old.

  14. "The stalinistic remark was a joke, based upon the left's labeling of Doug Hoffman's supporters as Stalinists."

    Leftists labeled Hoffman supporters Stalinists? Citations buddy. Back up your whining with facts. Now if you said Leftists labeled Hoffman supporters dingbats or reactionary suckers then I might believe you.

    " One can not improve a leftist's intellect, it's like explaining gravity to a 2 year old."

    Chances are someone explained gravity to you by dropping you on your head, perhaps when you were very very young.

    Is everyone on this post in their 80's or something?
    Leftists? Were you union busters in the 1930's? The Cold War is over Johnny. Come join the rest of us in the 21st Century...

  15. Y4E,

    Anything else?

    Perhaps you'd like me to point you to the article where Thomas Friedman lamented the fact that we weren't a dictatorship.

    Perhaps we could go all the way back to Walter Duranty for a true Stalin connection.

  16. “Obtuseness is not a virtue”

  17. I'm beginning to think Y4E is a Matt Yglesias sockpuppet. They both show the same lack of coherent thought and self-awareness typical of that species of ignorant leftard pundit.

  18. Wow Anon! Thanx for that link. It was spot on!
    I stand corrected. Almost.
    You see, Dems are not purging one of their own. Lieberman, as you know, is an Independent.
    Or maybe you didn't know that the way you are carrying on. So your Stalinist comparison falls short
    of making sense. While the Right purges itself of...itself, we want to eliminate the cancerous growth that is Lieberman. The scum lost the Democrat primaries. So he switches affiliations. Stand up guy, that one!
    But hey, you guys love him. Why don't you recruit and make him one of your own?

  19. young 4 eyes you don't like being referred to as a leftist? Do you prefer Bolshevik?

  20. Are you really this stupid Y4E?

    Do you not understand what a joke is? The stalinist remark was tongue in cheek. I was making fun of the left (of which your are a part) by using their own ridiculous hyperbole to describe them.

    The fact that you still don't seem to comprehend what is wrong with the article and the use of the term would make me laugh if it weren't so damn depressing.

    To make it simple enough for even your apparently brain damaged self to understand:

    I was not using it seriously.

    But I must say that seeing you struggle to understand such a simple concept is rather entertaining. I can almost imagine you sitting at your computer, with your brow furrowed, trying to determine what I meant.

  21. At first Young4Eyes was entertaining, but now he's committed the worst sin possible in polite society: he's a bore.