Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fraudulent Meteorological Joyride Reaches Aphelion

by Smitty

How can the FMJRA not notice the foreign policy disaster that is Hopenchangen, so brilliantly juxtaposed with the domestic trainwreck that is ObamaCare?

We can report that, if they fire the jets at the right moment, and go beyond, just exactly what will happen. They will reach Boston. You know, more than aphelion:

Code Redeye:Comity of Errors:Blogenkrieg:
  • Little Miss Attila surveys. You know you're a big-time blogger when Gerard is your first comment:
    vanderleun said:
    December 13th, 2009 at 8:36 am
    I looked at that whole kerfuffle and the only things I could see was
    1) Paterico is caught in the trap of “I’m wrong but I can’t get out or back out so I’ll dig in deeper and deeper and assert more and more assertions.”
    2) Paterico is building a gigantic ball of horse manure and expects everyone to chew through it or else. Sort of a Johnsonian bit of business without the outright banning. (I decline this menu.)
    3) Patrico believes he can read minds. Sorry, Pat, but not
    LMA here also.
  • Left Coast Rebel viewed Stacy's consumption by wolves with shock and horror.
  • Protein Wisdom, the half of the argument we support, continues the battle.
  • Villainous Company weighs in.
  • Obi's Sister also linked the tragic wolf dinner.
  • A Conservative Shemale reports on the lefty reaction.
  • At the Point of a Gun wonders about collusion in some blog wars.
  • A Political Glimpse from Ireland had a good thread on the topic.

  • Troglopundit's ongoing spectacle with No Sheeples Here remains a terrifying descent into blogospheric atrocity.
Stacy Wonders How Clark Gable Could Presage Him So Effectively:
Interestingly, I was just over in England at one of the RAF bases where Gable is said to have operated during his explosive landscaping phase. Supposedly the Reich put a bounty on him, and it was deemed to great a propaganda risk to have that smile flying about, risking disaster.
  • Atlas Shrugs picked up the AmSpec piece.
  • Villainous Company:
    For men are truly at their best when they are protecting those they love. Just as men wish for a woman who is demure and proper in public but will turn on the fireworks just for him, we ladies can't resist a guy who is strong and independent in public but reserves his tender side for the woman he loves.
  • Belvedere enjoyed the Gable post, with a segue into wedding congratulations.
  • Mulieris Dignitatem also echoed the sentiment.
Hoping for Grandbloggers:The congratulations pour in.Alabama's Heisman:Stacy's AmSpec Tea Party Piece:ACORN Bill of Attainder Ruling:Cablinasian: Not Exactly a Wine
  • Piece of Work in Progress: "Who is to say that in Cablinasian society it is considered bad form to prefer buxom blondes, or to enjoy threesomes behind one's wife's back, fueled by booze, Ambien and Cialis?"
  • Bob Belvedere announces that he is beavering away on "Misunderstandings Of The Cablinasian Habit Of Tapping Botoxed Women" for the nternet Department of Cablinasian Studies. Let us hope PETA doesn't step on his tale.
HR 4173: the 111th Congressional Hit Parade Rolls OnSarah on Conan:Other FMJRA outings:Miscellaneous Shouts:That's your FMJRA. I'm sure I'm missing a boatload here, so send updates to Smitty. Also, Rule 5 Sunday beckons, with the question: are we sick of Tiger leftovers yet?

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