Saturday, December 19, 2009

Listen here, Troglo-wog

by Smitty

You have to admire the gills on a guy who'd plant a post like Why is Carol trying to discredit Stacy McCain?, and then set about discrediting me, by way of collateral damage.
She wants us to notice that his closest colleague – his co-blogger at The Other McCain – is a Navy man. And you know about those Navy men…y’know, how they get all celebratory about things like crossing the equator.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If that’s who you are, that’s okay by me. I’m not one to judge.
Yes, I am, indeed a Trusty Shellback. It's what you do when you swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. To discover the latter have taken over.

Furthermore, as I have already posted at length, Stacy is a Wide Supra-Machinist, not a 'White Inferioritist', despite the emotional damage caused by the fact that Allah hates him.

So, until your stanky polliwog-ness finds a way to matriculate a proper shellback initiation, I'll leave you to your sly insinuations and Danica Patrick worship, miscreant.

Update: No Sheeples Here has played the feared "dweeb" card.


  1. Oh, Smitty,

    You must forgive Lance. The Burris came from Switzerland and you can imagine the naval traditions he inherited. However, two of his great uncles were stationed at Pearl on that day. They were on carriers at the time and out to sea.

    His Uncle Bob was was on the submarine Lewis & Clark providing 'deterrence' during the Cold War.

    His Uncle Jerry served on the carrier Yorktown during Viet Nam.

    Starting in 1971, we Burris decided that sailing was for cephalopods, gastropods, and amphibians, and decided to go army.

  2. No, no, no, Smitty. I wasn't trying to discredit you. I was trying to discredit Stacy for associating with you.

    No, wait, I'm not trying to discredit anybody. It's Carol who's doing that. I'm just an innocent bystander here.

  3. TrogloPundit said:
    I'm just an innocent bystander here.

    LIAR! You're neither "just" nor "innocent" nor "here."

    Patrick Frey would eviscerate you for such an evasive deception. You're probably some kind of "f***ing psycho" like that Jeff "Moneygrubber" Goldstein.

    (If we're going to have a bitter blog war, for God's sake, let's make a ugly one, OK?)

  4. @RSM,
    Make? We've a Troglopundit on scene...

  5. Smitty, I will be more than happy to sick my Dachsies With Moxie on him- he backed down yesterday after his sicko attack on Carol. Ginger had her teeth cleaned, but not Chip, so I don't know what kind of blood diseases he may acquire after Chip bites him on his fourth point of contact!!!! Your honor, Carol's honor and that of our Fearless Leader are at stake!!!!

  6. Hey, Agnes, can I get mine with mustard?