Saturday, December 19, 2009

Wasted time, wasted money, wasted life

No, not talking about Ben Nelson. I'm talking about Da Tech Guy's brutal review of But I'm a Cheerleader, starring Natasha Lyonne:
It's 85 minutes you’ll never get back.
I've linked that review as a sidebar headline, but thought I'd dilate on the topic a little more here in the mainbar. Da Tech Guy slags the movie for its negative stereotypes of Christians, a pet theme of contemporary Hollywood -- and a theme that is both unpopular and unprofitable.

Several similar movies have been produced in the past dozen years, praised by critics and even lavished with Oscar nominations, and yet none of them has been a major moneymaker. One might suppose that the geniuses in Hollywood would get the message, but apparently they don't.

Evidently, sarcastic secular screenwriters know that if they produce a script portraying Christians as a bunch of uptight prudes or hypocritical bigots, there will be some producer or studio executive who'll buy it, as this kind of product represents the regnant Hollywood worldview.

The problem is that while producers and executives constitute the market for scripts, they aren't the ultimate consumers of films. That's an important distinction. The American public might buy all manner of insipid dreck -- predictable slasher flicks, implausible sci-fi fantasies, gross-out comedies, cartoonish action movies -- but they do not share the Hollywood prejudice against Christianity manifested by movies like But I'm a Cheerleader.

There aren't enough God-haters in America to make such movies profitable, and yet they continue to be produced, evidence of how the perverse insularity of the film community has contributed to Hollywood's decline.

Now, go enjoy Da Tech Guy's blog. He's a good guy, even if he is Catholic.


  1. But I'm A Cheerleader came out (so to speak) about 100 years ago. Actually it came out in 1999.

    It was boring and sucked.

    And no that is not because I hate gay films. I mostly laugh at John Waters movies (I think Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos were over the top crude and very funny in parts). It just Cheerleader was not a very good movie. Not funny. Not anything. A good alternative to Ambien.

    Perhaps Patrick "Spamming Macht Frey" Patterico and Charles "Pony Boy" Johnson can investigate the bias of the makers of the Cheerleader movie. Then they could investigate each other. Who knows, they might hit it off. They have so much in common.

  2. Hey - look at liberalism's upside: If you don't believe anything, you can never be accused of hypocrisy. Gotta like that, eh?

    WARNING: Da Tech Guy: CATHOLIC CONTENT. Not suitable for children under the age of birth unless accompanied by both parents.