Tuesday, December 15, 2009

'Emotionally driven . . . not really rational'

Guess who used that phrase?
Blogging was originally an alternative to mainstream media, but now it's kind of been dominated, especially on the right, by people who are emotionally driven, and not very rational about a lot of things.
It's Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, in the most unintentionally hilarious interview evah!
Actually, it had sort of been brewing in my subconscious for a long, long time. . . .
(Ever since he went off his meds.)
Something just triggered it off, I don't know what it was. . . .
(He ran out of commenters to ban.)
I actually fought against being classified as a right-wing blog for a long time. . . .
(He also fought being classified as a textbook case of borderline personality disorder, with less success.)
I began to read everything I could get my hands on about [global warming]. Scientific journals, books. And the evidence just piled up and piled up, until I could no longer be a denier. . . .
(CJ's next subject of intense study? Seppuku.)
What started the break for me was when I realized a lot of the right wing bloggers, the so-called anti-jihad bloggers, were making alliances with groups, in Europe, that I consider to have fascist roots.
("Pamela Geller's breasts taunted me!")
I wish that more bloggers would start to think critically about what they're writing.
BWAAA-HAHAHAHAHAHA! Excuse me while I wipe the coffee off my laptop keyboard, Charles, but you couldn't earn a living as a writer if your life depended on it. And is there any blogger less capable of critical thinking than you? By comparsion, Andrew Sullivan is the soul of self-aware rationality.


  1. The ironic part is I believe in evolution, get my kids vaccinated, like bikes, like science (in that I believe issues facing the world should be solved with sound engineering and scientific principals, not mysticism and nonsense), believe there is a man made component to global warming (although it is far smaller than being stated, more what Michael Crichton said), but with all that agreement...

    Charles Johnson is a bag of acorns nuts.

  2. I dunno... It seems to me that you're giving Sully FAR to much credit! ;-)

  3. ("Pamela Geller's breasts taunted me!")

    Don't be silly. It's her legs.

  4. Charles La Douche must have read this. He's apoplectic right now.

  5. Charlie johnson is holding down the center...
    Well I guess that big fat ass could hold down a water buffalo. That's about the only thing. No one pays one iota of attention to him except for the laughs one gets at his third grade i.q.

  6. Sully and Johnson = BFFs indeed. Of course Sully's bestfriend would be a 'johnson'.

  7. Looks like charles is giving his backing to children and fisting,he's certainly standing up for some sick stuff now.

    Click Anon to view safe link.

  8. I think it's about time to follow up my review of Charles Johnson "Photographer" with "The Deathless Prose of Charles Johnson."

  9. Does CJ/LGF post about anything other than how evil other bloggers & right wing sites are?