Monday, December 14, 2009

Remember when liberals used to
call Republicans 'mean-spirited'?

Maybe I'm the only one who remembers this, but circa 1995, it was a standard rhetorical weapon for Democrats and their media henchpeople: Newt Gingrich was an evil ogre leading a band of selfish hateful mean-spirited Republicans who were going to take turns crapping on Civil Society and wiping their butts with the Social Contract.

Seems like just yesterday, doesn't it? Now we have Harry Reid comparing health-care opponents to slaveholders and Ezra Klein accusing Joe Lieberman of mass murder, while Daily Kos and Jane Hamsher are trying to get Lieberman's wife fired.

Desperate much?


  1. "while Daily Kos and Jane Hamsher are trying to get Lieberman's wife fired."

    Jane is old and bitter. She's hateful and apparently okay contra feminist beliefs of associating a woman's life with that of her husband. So Jane Hamsher is either misogynist, hypocrite or just evil - or all 3.

  2. Seems like yesterday because nothing has changed, Stacy.
    Nice try though. You can find it convenient to defend someone like Lieberman despite the fact that he's a social Liberal and you and your readers disagree with about 90% of everything he believes in. Hey, if you want to protect a duplicitous snake, be my guest. It says more about you than it says about Liberals.
    And for the record, there are many parallels between health-care opponents to slaveholders( funny because Harry Reid never compared opponents to slaveholders, but your ever present knee-jerk sensitivity opened up that pandora's box, so thanks). Simply said, slaveholders argued against emancipation on the grounds of fiscal ruin, not unlike what heath-care opponents ( let's face it, y'all really are pro-health insurance and that's how this should be framed) use as an excuse to do the right thing.
    Desperate much to drive a wedge here? Methinks you are whining up the wrong tree....

  3. Harry Reid comparing opponents of a massive government takeover of the Healthcare industry to slave holders is not considered mean-spirited, or at least not by the left. It is considered a dynamic comparison, illustrative of the mind behind the opposition, and the dark thoughts that lurk there.

  4. As they thought we were, they always have been; as we now are, they will be.

    Lieberman a "duplicitous snake", Y4E? Seems like just yesterday you nutroots types were trying to run Joe out of the Democratic party with some rich idiot by the name of Lamont as your figurehead, and now you expect Lieberman to be loyal to your cause? You really are stupid, boy.

  5. Oh Wombat, I don't expect anything from Lieberman except for him to be the slimeball politician that he is.
    Why would I expect loyalty from the very personification of a self-serving leech?
    And that, my boy, explains why he lost in the Democratic primaries. Now, there is no accounting for the stupidity of CT's citizens but I am sure they are regretting their votes.
    Wombat, what do you call a politician who opposes legislation that just months ago they themselves were proposing?
    A duplicitous snake.
    Now go take a nap.