Sunday, December 20, 2009

America's Finest Filmmaker Urges:
'Dear Texas, Please Secede'

Yes, it's Hive Mind director Ladd Ehlinger:
Dear big beautiful Texas with all your gorgeous pageant women and crappy food: you are the only state that joined our Union with a treaty allowing for legal secession. . . .
You can get out now and no one will stop you.
And once Texas reasserts its independence, all sane Americans will immediately petition for citizenship in the Lone Star Republic. Why? Because (a) the United States is circling the toilet bowl and (b) Ladd urges that Texas take all their hawwtt women with them. (And it's now officially Rule 5 Sunday.)

However, it should be noted that the peaceful secession of Texas will not prevent the University of Alabama from inflicting a world-historic ass-whuppin' on the Longhorns Jan. 7 in Pasadena.

UPDATE: While I don't know whether William Jacobson would support Ladd Ehlinger's radical idea, if Texas wants to recruit someone to draft a petition of grievances, Professor Jacobson demonstrates his brilliance here. And he's a law professor, so he knows all about that "whereas" stuff.


  1. $20 on Texas. And we can't take even a third of sane Americans. They need to show some gumption and do their own secedin'.

  2. Pff, the only reason we Texans don't leave the Union is because we know the U.S. wouldn't last a week without us. Since we're such upstanding folks, we couldn't stand by and let our former sister states get their asses whupped by crazy nations. No, we're parking it right here between LA, AR, OK & NM. You're stuck with us. It's for your own good. ;)

  3. If Texas secedes, I'm moving to Texas!

  4. If you haven't read it yet, this Tom Kratman novel is looking pretty prophetic right now.... ... I can't recommend it highly enough.

  5. I suspect that Texas seceding won't help us solve our Bolshevik problem, unless the Obamanites actually tried to use force to stop them. I also suspect that voting these swine out of office would still be faster and cheaper. Thank you TexMex for your cool headed and gracious offer to stick with us. As I commented earlier on Saturday’s “Tweet of the day” there could be an upside to passing HC in the Senate. If the “Tea Party” movement represents the silent majority finding it’s voice and we don’t screw-up the end game then we come out OK. If the “average American” isn’t as fed up with the Social Democrats as I hope they are then we’ve been doomed from the moment of Obama’s election.
    Returning to the upside, if HC is passed and signed it hurts the dems, if it fails in conference it hurts the dems. I can’t envision any way, pass or fail, the Socialists don’t get hurt with this bill, pass or fail they get smacked from the right and the left. The downside is that they pass HC and Cap & Trade and “We The People” can’t elect people who will repeal and replace this regime’s entire agenda. If the people can’t do that, then we deserve to wallow in our own sh*t.

  6. We'd be happy to have you, Stogie!

    By the way, Stacy, as a Civil War buff you might find my latest blog entry to be of some interest.

  7. Hey, I was conceived in Texas! Can I come "home"?

  8. I have no idea what it is with people who obsess about the treaty by which Texas originally entered the United States. The status of Texas in the United States is governed by its re-admission after the Civil War. Anything that happened prior to that is irrelevant except as an historical curiosity.

  9. Please get your facts right. All States have the absolute right to secede. There are three rights a State can claim, anyone of which provides for the right to secede:

    1. Natural God-given right to "abolish it, and to institute new government." Per the Declaration of Independence (our first secession).

    2. The Constitution as per the Tenth Amendment.

    3. Sovereign authority - the States are sovereign (i.e. all powerful as political authority goes) and they created the federal government as their agent, NOT their master.

    If we want to babble, at least don't provide myths as fodder for the idiots.

  10. NOW we're talking about fighting to restore liberty. DC's quadrennial musical chairs game only substitutes one temporary tyrant for another.

    It's time to dust off the Declaration of Independence and invoke the Spirit of '76 again.

    And Stogie -- save a spot for me and my family!

  11. If Texas seceedes, I am there. But, would I have to reanme my blog Right View From Left Texas?! And and R. S., yes 'Bama is gonna whip some Texas ass!

  12. I LIVE in Texas and we are about ONE VOTE shy of succession!