Saturday, December 19, 2009

When tar and feathers ain't good enough

by Smitty (h/t Scott W. Graves)

Scott points to a Washington Times article about a Federal judge who could well be impeached:
As Congress wrapped up several weeks of evidence-gathering hearings this week, legal experts who testified before a House task force suggested Judge Porteous is a clear candidate to become just the eighth federal judge in U.S. history to be impeached and convicted by Congress. Lawmakers appear poised to take their advice and bring charges early next year, setting up a historic trial in the Senate.
An early draft copy of the article I saw* also quoted Nancy Pelosi as saying "If he wants to be that sort of jackass, he'd better get himself elected."

Stacy has brought up the notion of tar & feathers, recently, for other officials. But is this too much of a touchy-feely, nice guy approach? Maybe we should blow by medieval and go truly olim schola:

Of course, the irony of the 111th Congress discussing impeachment of anyone is not lost.
*I am making this up.


  1. Porteous comes from the 24th District Court in Louisiana. Its who you know down here, not the law. Judge Joan Benge of the 24th District was just removed for awarding $4,275.00 to someone not on the law, but because she was friends with their attorney. On the same token, Judge Ross LaDart of the 24th District awarded someone almost 1.7 million, not on law, but because he was not only friends with the attorney but had financial interests with the attorney as well. Somehow LaDart still sits on the bench. Convicted 24th District Judge Ronald Bodenheimer had this to say about his mentor Judge Porteous

    "you will never have to buy lunch again, there will always be someone to take you to lunch.....AND.......wash your ass so the attorneys have a clean place to kiss"

    Porteous was mentor to many judges, some have moved on and some have moved up IYKWIMAITYD! The problem is that its only an issue when they get caught. How many times have people lost a case because of crap like this? What is the recorse for a corrupt judicial system? There is none in Louisiana! Even if you go to the DA with evidence of perjury,fraud, it doesn't matter. Especially if its a civil case. Unless its a civil case involving the Govt, then they will have someones head for lying.

    Full disclosure, i am a victim of the 24th Judicial Court system!

  2. Forgot about Judge Alan Green of the 24th District in Louisiana who was taking bribes / convicted of mail fraud. Is it the water in the Jefferson Parish Court house or what?

  3. The quote in the first comment is what Judge Porteous said to Judge Bodenheimer when he(Bodenheimer) became a judge. Its pretty messed up down there.