Friday, December 18, 2009

Joe Lieberman Walks the Valley of the Shadow

by Smitty

VotS picks up the parliamentary angle of yesterday's For Want of a Minute incident.

The meta-joke here is that the reason for the brusque treatment is that there is no slack left in the schedule. In treating our collective bottom like a stocking, the fascistsProgressives pretend to watch every minute, in the name of getting the whole suppository wrapped in time to get to the mantlepiece and jam the bill where it ought not go.

Senator Lieberman may as well have been a man pleading for prostate cancer treatment. The presence of Senator Smalley foreshadows the coming Death Panel saying "Sorry, no budget for you. We can give you Ibuprofin."

"Thanks, no offense taken," replies a morose Joe in this hypothetical scene, "but I was taxed at a rather high rate my whole life in order to pay for this kind of thing. How is it that I've followed the rules all along, yet still come up short?"

Smalley takes on a expression blending boredom with sadness. "You know the four stages:
  1. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.
  2. If everyone else couldn't have it, it was/is immoral to let you have it.
  3. You had, therefore you must have stolen.
  4. Since you were classified a thief, it was morally correct to separate you from your ill-gotten gains.
Thus, you should thank the State for having kept your foul capitalism in check these years. I shall accept your gratitude, as a representative of the State."

Lieberman, dejected: "Thanks"

Smalley, beaming: "You're welcome."

In all surreality, though, that minute matters not. As the recent Sanders Incident demonstrates, the Progressives care not fig #1 for anything like rules, tradition, or decorum when such do not support their foul agenda. Dingy Harry is going to plant that stocking stuffer, come hell or a Milli Vanilli record.

And it's time for me to head to work. Might as well enjoy having the job enjoy me while it lasts. But I'm blegging for FMJRA input. Spam me, ye linkers. That includes any slack-jawed crypto-Marxists who don't agree with the this blog's traditional American stance on matters. If you're one of these hate-America-first weenies that's going to go see Avatar tonight, by way of getting your masochistic fix, stop on by. Offering infantile Al Gore apologists a boot to the head is just another service we offer.

Peace, out.

Update: And, just as I Tweet this post, here is Fausta with a related offering.


  1. Does this mean, then.That big fat ass Chucky Johnson cannot have all those donuts that he gets from Amazon? I mean,he does get more than his share. Look at the flat tires on his tricyle. Bad idea isn't it? For Chucky to be cheerleading Obamacare. If Kenyans can't have donuts then neither can YOU CHUCKY ORANGE OVERALLS uke player. (I saw a duck play guitar better.) and yeah I detest the girlyman.

  2. Is the Democratic Party still beating Joe Lieberman’s wife?

  3. Stuart Smalley: One-term senator from Minnesota. Those folks up there don't like that kind of rudeness; doesn't fit the Minnesota Nice stereotype, y'know.