Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It gets better, Allahpundit

by Smitty

Absolutely crucial post at Hot Air. Senator Bernie Sanders (Imbecile-VT) throws a sweet hissy fit when Senator Tom Coburn (may Heaven bless him) insists his 767 page end-run be read aloud. The Senate Parliamentarian magically allows a halt at the three hour mark with sub-unanimous consent.


Maybe we've actually reached the point where not only aren't they reading the bill before voting on it, they're not even writing it before voting on it.
That's not the half of it. You see, I have it from sources equally as reliable as Al Gore that some wise-ass had inserted the missing CRU data into the text of the bill. Had the reading gone on for another hour or two, an estimated 17 Democratic Senators may have been felled by boredom, embarrassment at the repercussions, or both.

Stopping that reading may have saved lives.

The only way to disprove my nonexistentunnamed source would be to publish the godforsaken legislation. But we all know that representative government is sooo last century.

Update: Fish Fear Me notes some differences between the CSPAN video and The Hill's transcript of Sanders.

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