Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Green mob riots in Copenhagen

BBC News reports:
Police have fired tear gas as hundreds of protesters tried to break through a perimeter fence at the UN climate summit venue in Copenhagen.
The Bella Centre, where the conference is taking place, has now been shut off, says the BBC's Sarah Mukherjee.
Activists have been angered by lack of progress on a new climate deal and also by restrictions on access to the talks.
The protesters had marched to the summit across Copenhagen and police said they had detained about 100. . . .
The Guardian reports even more arrests:
Around 150 people have been arrested this morning at various points around Copenhagen, where world leaders and officials are meeting for UN climate talks.
The news came as thousands of protesters set out in Copenhagen this morning in a bid to take over the conference centre where the talks are taking place. The organisers of the mass "Reclaim Power" march, the Climate Justice Action and Climate Justice Now! (CJN) networks of campaigners, said they hope to enter the Bella Centre today, where NGOs and activist groups were struggling to gain entry this morning, to hold a "people's assembly" in protest at the direction the talks are taking.
Compare these left-wing Green protesters -- aiming to "take over the conference centre" -- to the peaceful citizens (including Smitty) who attended yesterday's Code Red Rally in DC.

UPDATE: When in doubt, blame the Pope!

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