Monday, November 2, 2009

Who is Jason Shih and
Why is His Mug Shot Important?

This is Jason Shih. Jason was arrested last Friday for a plethora of charges, the largest for possession of Ecstasy with intent to distribute. He was also in possession of several tickets to a President Obama event in New Jersey which, his plummeting approval ratings notwithstanding, aren't as plentiful as leaves on the trees.

When he was arrested, Shih claimed to be the the assistant deputy director of Democratic Governor Jon Corzine’s re-election campaign. The Corzine campaign disavowed all knowledge of Shih's existence. However, as Moe Lane put it,
The Corzine campaign wants it made CLEAR that Jason Shih is in no way, shape, or form involved with the releection campaign; that Mr. Shih is certainly not an assistant campaign director or staffer for the campaign; that they have no idea who Mr. Shih would even be, let alone why he would claim such a status; or why he would claim that the car that he was driving at the time of his drug bust was rented by the campaign, or why there were tickets to an Obama rally and other campaign paraphernalia mixed in with the drug paraphernalia.

The mug shot comes from a story at The Leader, the local newspaper in that area. Eric Dondero, whose Libertarian Republican blog has been all over this story with both feet, got permission from the editor for any blogger to run with the shot so long as they gave the paper proper credit. Which I am right now. His blog is the first to run the photo of the alleged Corzine staffer, so do read his entire post.

Since the MSM isn't spending much time covering the story in any detail, I'd like to toss out a couple questions for those erstwhile blogger journalists who might be interested in conducting a little investigation.

1) Shih claims the car was rented by the Corzine campaign. Was it? If so, who authorized Shih to have the vehicle that night and what was he doing with it?
2) Lt. Cece, the backup officer on the scene, noted that Shih had several paychecks from he Middlesex County Democratic Committee, once of which was for him. What position did he hold in the MCDC and what vetting process was used before he was hired?

Thus far, neither the Corzine campaign nor the MCDC have been available to answer those questions. I would think that a determined blogger could spend a day working on getting those answers, don't you? They would prove enlightening.

Guest-posted by Jimmie Bise of The Sundries Shack.


  1. I'm going to venture that come Wednesday, one way or another, this will be moot. Sad, but it is NJ, after all.

  2. New Jersey media has a special talent of covering up for Dems. How long did McGreevy employ his Gay Lover as NJ Director of Homoland Security without getting noticed? I am not confident in todays NJ election results because , as a NJ resident, I know all too well what these Dems are capable of. My brother is a Middlesex County elected Democrat.

  3. what kind of jail time is this?

  4. Wow, I went to school with this guy. He was an awful human being and deserves what he's getting.

  5. I went to Rutgers with this guy, he's a nice guy, sortof feel bad for him, the media is completely blowing this whole thing out of proportion. He's an idiot for getting caught though, if he just put the pills in his glove compartment he never would have gotten searched cuz all he got pulled over for was a cell phone ticket. Freaking

  6. Ive seen him at Rutgers before and hes your typical asian gangster wannabe frat boy. The few times i saw him, i never got a good impression of the guy. One of those guys who are into being the cool tough guy. whatever.