Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carrie Prejean is Joe the Plumber?

by Smitty

According to Monique Stewart, yes.

Reading the post, HotMES seems to be coming down heavily based upon scant (and maybe not even scantily-clad) evidence. The court of public opinion doesn't really support fair trials, does it?

I don't think Carrie can achieve full-on Plumber-hood. Joe still has the best on-line summary of BHO. Carrie's chief crime is one shared with BHO and, most recently, the Mainiacs.

Hopefully, Carrie graces CPAC with her presence and we get to find out if she's sincere like one hopes or in it for the money, as HotMES apparently suspects.


  1. Carrie Prejean = Joe the Plumber?

    Did Joe the Plumber have a boob job? I did not know that.

  2. Joe's a plumber. Those are not the boobs you're looking for.

    (Alternative joke: he did get jobbed by a bunch of boobs.)

  3. Carrie Prejean is Joe the Plumber?

    Thanks for sharing