Saturday, November 7, 2009

Flying My Japanese Republican Allusion

by Smitty

This week's FMJRA, which will still be dominated by the NY-23 support proferred by so many blogs, is instead overshadowed by the Fort Hood killing spree. The title is a reference to Fischersville Mike's excellent historical metaphor for the Doug Hoffman affair.

Fort Hood:
  • South Texian quotes Stacy for pointing out the overarching bad guys.
  • Rhetorican also cheers Stacy's honesty.
  • Predictable Rick Moran refers to bald honesty as 'banality'. Let me see if I can be succinct, Rick: know your audience. Specifically, the jihadists. While we can bandy our abstractions about, theorize endlessly, and wax Shakespearean in our diction, the audience doesn't care fig #1 for such. They see your navel gazing as a giant "Kick me" (or worse, in Fort Hood). In mathematical terms, you're discussing calculus with a culture that, in aggregate, hasn't made it to algebra. This is a generalization, and there are tons of exceptions, but there you have it. Your audience thinks you represent twerpery. In a schoolyard metaphor, you're going to have to take some karate lessons and communicate to your bullies that you've got enough sack to put them on their backs. Your milk money will not be safe until you get you some sack, son.
  • Bob Belvedere rates Stacy as spot-on in his remarks. The Camp of the Saints also picked up a comment thread worth noting.
  • The Daley Gator declares the Political Correctness overview a must-read.
  • Obi's Sister: "Pray for the victims, their families, everyone effected. And our clueless President."
Hoffmania Central:
Obscene I: Departure
Obscene II: EndorsementObscene III: Finale
  • American Power went to bed sans optimism, but did wake up and track us again.
  • Reganite Republican Resistance noted the overall repudiation of BHO.
  • Adrienne's Catholic Corner faced Canolli denial.
  • So it Goes in Shreveport noted Stacy's (fulfilled) wish that the election be decisive, and asks What Does it All Mean?
  • Political Byline noted the stress Stacy was under.
  • Rhetorican liked "We have defeated the DailyKos candidate." Thankfully, there was no evidence of voter fraud.
  • NiceDeb covered all the races.
  • Mark in Spokane caught us in an update.
  • The Classic Liberal offered an overview of Hoffman analysis.
  • DaTech Guy did, as well.
  • Fischersville Mike hat tipped the "Worth the Fight" post.
  • The New Pamphleteers noted the quip about a book offer.
  • Left Coast Rebel rounds up the NY23 posts, with a touching BHO picture, too.
  • SouthTexian earns a quotation for good naval usage:
    Shortly after last year's debacle, I recalled James Lawrence's words of inspiration to the men under his command as he lay dying after a fatal encounter with a British warship in the Atlantic Ocean during the War of 1812: "Don't give up the ship!" Three months later, on September 10, 1813 at the Battle of Lake Erie, Lawrence's friend Oliver Perry led his naval squadron to an improbable victory over the British, flying a banner with that very phrase from his flagship. The American victory at Lake Erie thwarted a planned British invasion of the Ohio River Valley.

    Perry then related the news of his triumph to General William Henry Harrison with this terse message: "We have met the enemy, and they are ours."
  • Yeah. Heck yeah!
  • Rightofcourse asks the 'Now what?' question.
  • Saber Point offers three cheers for Stacy's efforts.
  • WyBlog picked us up:
    saw an interview with Florida Governor Charlie Crist, who is the NRSC choice (over conservative Marco Rubio) to replace Mel Martinez in the Senate next year. Gov. Crist *laughed* when asked about the conservative grassroots uprising in NY-23. I don't think RINO Charlie fully understands the implications of what just happened in upstate New York. By the time he figures it out, it'll be too late.
In a category all his own:
  • The illustrious Bob Belvedere blogging like it's his job at the Camp of the Saints. Thank you, sir.

  • Update to the Hoffman File:
    Valley of the Shadow came through, too:
    The Daily Gator is also worthy of commendation:
    Obi's Sister linked us twice:
    • Noting Stacy's trip and the presence of Fred Thompson, and
    • The Red Dawn after the election. Wolverines!

    Joe Gandleman and Rick Moran:
    Other FMJRA Roundups:
    Miscellaneous Shouts:
    • Honesty in Motion hat tipped the Peggy Noonan piece.
    • American Power rounded up the Jason Shih reporting.
    • Little Miss Attila suspects I've a Neil Young blind spot. Neil is one of those artists whose catalog bespeaks his talent (e.g. Sinatra) yet whose work doesn't grab me. Is it the singing style? Yet I'm a huge Geddy Lee fan. Go figure.
    • Dustbury linked the bit about Environmentalism as a religion.
    • Obi's Sister bequeaths a Quote of the Day, and a hat tip for a cartoon.
    • Bob Belvedere liked the Monique-on-Meghan post:
      Its no fight, Stacy, its a slaughter. Meghan ain't got a chance against a nuclear Monique. Although, I do admit it was enjoyable to watch her Hiroshima Mzz. McCain.

      'Scuse me while I go buy the wife some flowers...
    And that's the FMJRA. Now to pack my trash and head South, towards the airport, and momma's home cookin' tomorrow. Please send updates to Smitty. Any sins of omission are purely accidental. God rest the victims at Fort Hood. May He strengthen their families in this time of horror, and may the Holy Spirit infuse the world with peace. May we meet evil with a firm, calm resolve not to succumb.

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