Saturday, November 7, 2009

So get her underway and moor her in Alexandria, VA

by Smitty (h/t Lucianne)

Old Ironsides' upscale Charlestown neighbors are trying to pull off what British, French and Barbary pirate guns failed to accomplish in more than two centuries - silencing the cannons of the nation's oldest commissioned naval vessel.

Miffed residents of a posh condo complex have invited the commanding officer of the USS Constitution over for a glass of wine so he can hear for himself that the frigate's twice-daily cannon blasts - a tradition dating to 1798 - are "more disruptive to the neighborhood than you might have imagined."
What a bunch of ignoble twerps. Charlestown, your pathetic residents deserve neither that wonderful old ship nor the freedom she represents.

The Navy should open bids for the privilege of having this vessel moored, firing her guns twice a day. Our coasts are dotted with cities far more deserving than these people Charlestown.

There is no irritation like seeing nominally adult people have zero grasp of the privileges they enjoy.


  1. Those cannons are the sounds of freedom. I would welcome that going off in my town. I would welcome Old Ironsides. Many cities would.

  2. I think there's space available on the other side of the USS Constellation pier in Baltimore.

  3. Easy solution to the problem, just load the Ships Cannon with grape shot and aim them at the Condo's. After a couple of broadsides I guarantee that there will be no more complaints.

  4. Okay, I think the idea of having a place in Charlestown and being able to hang out on the balcony with an adult beverage, or coffee, watching and listening to the Constitution doing honors sounds pretty cool. Am I the philistine, or are the folks who complained? I think they are.

    Folks, you don't have to stand and salute, but you could at least raise your glasses.

  5. We live across the street from the Constellation. The cannon shots never bothered us and we have never heard any complaints from the neighbors. I'm sure Baltimore would welcome the Constitution.

  6. Hellrider -- Great minds think alike, but I was going for double-shotted with ball and grape.

  7. The first mistake the Navy made was turning the Charlestown Navy Yard over to the city in the first place.
    Baltimore does have the room. They can put her where the Forrestal was going to go. But, since she is an active comissioned vessel of the US Navy the Norfolk Navy base might be a better place for her.

  8. It's only the toney liberal a-holes that are complaining [I would bet everything I have they ALL have Barry O bumper stickers on their Priuses]; the Townies love her and will fight to death to protect her [Hellrider & Richard: I'll let 'em know your great suggestions].

    While the offers are appreciated, we real Americans up here in the Nor'east [there are still a few of us left] will protect her.

    The old gal belongs to us.


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