Sunday, November 1, 2009

Sarah Palin and the Deft Play

by Smitty (h/t @HeyMonet on Twitter)

Sarah's FaceBook Page states she never suggested he eject, much less contacted Chris Daggett or his campaign. She ends:
So, to the good people of New Jersey, please know that Daggett’s claims are false. I've never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it...
Couple of points:
  • We all need to keep a whole lick of salt handy in the Internet age, and let even the 'too good to check stuff' sit as long as possible before committing to action.
  • Sarah's actions seem to help Christi most of all, which helps Sarah with the GOP, which hopefully points towards future solidarity on the Right.

UPDATE: And, in the Western corner, Patriot Room points to Fox, where:
Obama's scheduled to appear Sunday at a pair of rallies for the only incumbent governor seeking re-election. Just one of two governors' offices on the ballot for Tuesday's elections, the White House is aware Democratic losses would be spun as a referendum on Obama.

The results could also foreshadow next year's elections, when 37 governorships come up for grabs.

The president plans to appear with Corzine at two New Jersey campaign stops, in Camden and Newark, before returning to the White House.
Let's see now. Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, the Economy, PeloisCare, Cap & Trade, Immigration... Nope, nothing really going on. Why not just get some of that campaignin' on?

UPDATE II:Dan Riehl,
if she hurts Daggett enough in New Jersey to help get Christie over the finish line, or is perceived as doing so, whatever will the Beltway GOP establishment do?
Something between a kow-towing and genuflection, I expect.

UPDATE III: Analysis from Soren Dayton at The Next Right. Analysis focuses on Huckabee and Romney, both of whom look as clueless as Newt on NY-23.

Just South my current position, someone at Samizdata sounds prophetic:
I suspect her principle-over-party endorsement of an obscure New York conservative over an obscure New York Republican on the far-left of the party, may represent one of those seemingly minor events that turn out to be the precursor to something quite interesting and far reaching. Only time will tell but I think the winds of change are blowing and quite a lot of people are going to be genuinely surprised when their political careers get dumped in Boston Harbor.
Another Black Conservative: So with that, let me be the first to say: Drop Out Daggett!


  1. This lady has her finger on the pulse of everything!

    Go get'em Sarah!

    "I've never even suggested he should drop out of the race. But, come to think of it..." Indeed!

  2. Scozzalaffa has endorsed Owens now.

    How much did the RNCC spend on her again before she quit and threw her support over to the Democrat?

    Way to install confidence with the base, GOP!


    forgot the link.

  4. @Dave C,
    Covered down-page, thanks!

  5. :) scrolled through it too fast.. see it now. Thanks.

  6. Bad idea. Daggett is taking the votes of people who can't bring themselves to vote for a Republican, but don't want to vote for a corrupt loser like Corzine. While he WANTS to help Corzine, IMHO at this point he is actually helping Chris.

  7. @heymonet is great on twitter!! a must follow!