Monday, November 2, 2009

NY23 Press Corps Motto: 'When We Grow Up, We Want to Be Like John McCormack'

He's only 24 years old, but already this cub reporter for the Weekly Standard is followed everywhere in the 23rd District by adoring journalism groupies. McCormack is to would-be reporters what Joe Jonas is to middle-school girls -- the fantasy consummation of their fondest desires. By daring to ask Dede Scozzafava a few questions, young Johnny has accomplished the life's ambition of every j-school undergrad: He has "made a difference."

McCormack files yet another exclusive report from today's Bidenpalooza in Watertown, where Secret Service agents were reportedly under orders to tase him if he tried to ask the VP a question.

Other reporters at the Biden event -- including Dave Weigel of the Washington Independent -- struggle to keep pace with the brilliant blues riffs of "Johnny Lightning" McCormack, who also plays a mean bottleneck-slide guitar.

A Syracuse TV reporter cleverly seats himself between Kerry Picket and Kara Rowland of The Washington Times. Life is good, until his wife sees this photo.

Feisty, colorful Democratic State Party Chairwoman June O'Neill (left, in ill-fitting brown pantsuit) engages in shameless pre-Election Day demagoguery, to the horror of local schoolchildren and their parents (right).

Network TV cameras wait for opportunity to add new footage for your "Joe Biden's Greatest Gaffes" DVD collection. Attacking the Wall Street Journal? Classic!

Home-schooled children get a civics lesson, protesting the Biden/Owens/Pelosi/ACORN agenda while hoping to catch a glimpse of their hero, "Johnny Lightning" McCormack.

Having despaired of getting any big scoops at the Biden rally, I walked outside and posed for a photo with local Palinista "Sapwolf," who crushed my ego by asking, "Hey, can you introduce me to John McCormack?"

Sunday night supper in Watertown hotel where we staged last night's blogger conference call.

The National Desk, Watertown, N.Y., noon today.


  1. I will bet the Secret Service has a "Free Speech Zone" set up for Joe.

  2. Nice work RS. I will enjoy following you, and your friends at 73 Wire into the elections of 2010 as well. This whole Hoffman race brings to mind a song by a native New Yorker from Rochester - "I'm Gonna Win"

  3. OMG! That Cutie drove Dede to call the police? How hysterical!
    Love the pics & coverage. Thanks.

  4. Ummmmmmmm, Stace - I don't think the girls are following John McCormack because of his superior reporting skills. Just sayin'

  5. Hey, Adrienne, how about returning a phone call once in a while, huh?

  6. You like Black Olives on your Pizza?!?!? EEEWWWWW!

    You are strange!

    especially when you say CAAAMMMMPAAAANG!


  7. Root beer? Root beer? You have got to be shitting me. How can you cover a campaign on root beer?

    It's only 850 miles from Owensboro, Kentucky to Watertown, New York. Surely, at one point or another, some Straight Kentucky Bourbon has made the journey.

    Jesus. I thought you guys were professionals.

  8. I understand John McCormack is dating Hannah Giles...

  9. Quoted from and Linked to at:

    PS: Stacy, Kn@ppster is right [for once], you know.