Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'll give Newt a 'C'

by Smitty (via Hot Air)

Allah Pundit links Newt eating some crow on Hannity. Allah throws on an interesting spin:
His endorsement was always strategic, to support Republican leaders at the local level and dissuade third-party challenges next year.
Well, that's all very tactical. I appreciate that Newt feels himself a sports coach, looking to score the points required to win the game.

However, if the game itself is more of a problem than the other team, then I wonder if Newt's approach has much strategic value.

Keep drifting to starboard, Newt: you'll get there. Also, that dream coalition will materialize. Attempts to dissuade third-party challenges are likely to hurt more than they help.


  1. Exactly. The best way to dissuade third parties is to listen to the base. Of course there is always the 'danger' of David Frum and his legion of supporters spinning off to form the Whig Party.

  2. What I gather from this whole thing,
    The fix was in no matter what.
    When Obama took McHugh away it was to replace him with someone who would support the totalitarian agenda. So even if Scozazafava won, he still filled that need.
    I guarantee ballots were both stuffed and lost.
    Any time the Chicago bunch are directly involved it is so. People were bought off with our own tax money and some were threatened.
    That's the Chicago way.
    So isn't that great America. Now any election is suspect and righteously so.

  3. Yeah, well, when one confuses strategy and tactics one gets tragedy. Are you getting better, Newt?

    Seriously Chris, that dream coalition is crystallizing despite Newt... it's just not Newt's model. If one looks at the Tea Party folks, and such grass-roots actions, the common threads of conservatives and libertarians are pulling together quite the spectrum from the independents and members of both Parties.

    F'regzampol, we shOuld DRaft FREd. nOW.

  4. You should not support a candidate who does not support your core values. How is that for a strategy Newt? Republicans should not nominate candidates that are running left of their Democratic opponents, because you might as well vote for the Democrat.

  5. Newt just had to outshine Cheney. Newt lost face shooting himself while duck hunting in NY23.
    maverick muse

  6. You give Newt a C. I'll give him a one-way ticket to scenic Fukofistan.