Saturday, November 7, 2009

Say what you want about W...

by Smitty (h/t Baldilocks)

...he made the calls and stood tall for the public feedback. I've heard it said that he paid visits to all of the families who lost loved ones as a result of his decisions. You hear little of that, because W was more about action than propaganda.

One is un-confident that the current POTUS will ever grasp this lesson while in office.


  1. I wouldn't even want to look. But I'm sure there are posts on the internet saying Bush is visiting these families because of the guilt he suffers because he did this all for Haliburton. Or some such nonsense.

  2. Or as I posted today: Barack Obama is our President. But as far as I'm concerned, George W. Bush is still our Comforter-in-Chief.

  3. Your POTUS is a traitor. He is a total disgrace. The look on his face during that photo-op said more than some will recognize. He had to mask his real feelings and he screwed up his face in the process.

    He has backed the illegitimate regime in Iran. The people are calling out, asking him for help. He ignores their pleas.

    Then there is his interference in the legitimate governance of the Honduras.... that is just so disgusting... not even GWB would have sunk that low....(I know he turfed out Saddam Hussein, but few realize that Saddam took power through murdering the whole of the Assembly in Iraq back in the 70s.)

    However, what is really so very sickening is how he behaved over the massacre at Ft. Hood. It was disgraceful... and then he says "do not jump to conclusions".... well, a Muslim wearing white is a jihadist... no one needs to leap to conclusions when the understand the truth about radical Islam... (there are true moderate Muslims and there are Muslims who have died for the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan, they had different values from those purists who do in fact follow the false prophet Mohammed).

    And now your country is facing fines for not having health insurance, and even imprisonment....

    What more is there to be said?

  4. That's because GWB is above all else. A real American. Bottom line.

  5. Well Stacy, Rahm and Obama were fighting for NY 23. Planning it out well in advance that they were offering positions to make the play possible. That is what matters doesn't it? Beating Republicans, winning against evil like Sarah Palin and Fox News. That is the WH priority.

  6. I will admit that I miss the Shrub :)

    It was refreshing having a president who told you exactly where he stood. People may not always have agreed with Bush, but we always knew where he was coming from and more importantly, we knew he meant what he said. In today's world, that's an attribute we seldom see anymore.