Saturday, November 7, 2009

Not sure this is accidental

by Smitty

Rocketman over at POWIP waxes alliterative at RG's risible remark "makes mendacity meter mark meteoric measurement" that Hitler comparisons to the current administration would be bad, because they were not, you know, everywhere five years ago. Great mildly NSFW graphic.

Recalling that al Sahaf was known as "Baghdad Bob", Power and Control suggests "White House Bob" for Robert Gibbs.

It must be noted, however, that Gibbs is no idiot. He stands there and defecates from his mouth to distract attention from even dumber stuff that his boss has done. So, in a modern existentialist lefty collectivist liberal deconstructionist amoral crypto-Marxist dhimmi anti-American plutocratic tool sort of way, he's kind of doing a good job.

One can imagine Jake Tapper to Gibbs: "Wow, that was an incredibly stupid thing to say. Was that inept, counter-factual phraseology chosen to distract from [gaff X] by the POTUS?"


  1. "White House Bob." I like it.

  2. Make that "Beltway Bob", Smitty. It has quite the ring to it, doncha think?

    - JP

  3. Smitty, your nailed the portly prevaricator of pusillanimous pablum in a fusillade of spot-on adjectives.

    Please forgive me for this, but I am compelled to say that Robert 'White House Bob' Gibbs is a major league douche....there, now I feel better.

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  4. I dunno, Smitty...I think Beltway Bob is in way over his head.

    I always get the impression that he sweats out each presser, even with the amazingly supportive press corps. If he had an actual adversarial group to deal with, I think he'd have a heart attack.