Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Because it's fun to speculate

by Smitty

Anti-Republican culture notes that two people who have campaigned in NY-23 may be the political equivalent of peanut butter and chocolate: Sarah Palin and Fred Thompson.

Besides the thought of both Rick Moran's and Charles Krauthammer's heads 'sploding, the title 'Arctic Fox' works on a number of levels:
  • The geographic allusion to Alaska.
  • The allusion to a slang term for, let's not deny it, a lovely lady.
  • The reference to Erwin Rommel, a.k.a. the Desert Fox. The current executive electees set a low bar for intellect, and remove the question of wisdom entirely. The Left acts as though they recognize this, and project their sad realizations about The One and The Deux on Sarah. Yet she flogs them deftly with a FaceBook page.
Questions about Fred's age and health would certainly require attention. The military situation could argue in favor of a David Petraeus, depending upon availability and platform.

So let's see if the Palin/Thompson Axis of Long-Absent Common Sense gels over the course of the 2010 campaign season. Yes, it's fun to speculate, but no, don't expect either one to overplay the hand. The Hucakabees, the Pawlentys, the Romneys, the Jindals, etc. will all make their plays. If you're not already planning to do so, get CPAC on your calendar. "The next CPAC will be held February 18-20, 2010 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington D.C." If NY-23 has whet your political appetite, you definitely want to show up and hear all of The Names That Matter give their pitches to a friendly crowd. I (gasp) even enjoyed Romney's speech.

Now, whether Sarah decides to mow down the field early, or save the ammunition remains to be seen. Will her book offer hints? Have you ordered a copy or five off of this blog? Why not?


  1. Palin/Thompson doesn't have to mean Fred is the Thompson on the ticket. Just sayin'

  2. FYI - I was a huge Thompson supporter - raised tens of thousands for him on the internet by getting about 70 conservative bloggers to put a fundraising widget on their sites.

  3. Also, there is the allusion, to Francis Marion, the Swamp Fox, the father of American guerilla warfare tactics, and that has been her strategy,
    pop up strike and regroup. Also the Huntress, for similar reasons, including the facts that the Russians tagged her the Akhanitsa, the transliteration of same

  4. Smitty, I can see you've got something going here. All that is needed is an appropriate moniker for Fred...