Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Finally VA-8 Gets Some Love

by Smitty

I've bemoaned the lack of attention given NOVA's finest piece of work.

Today all that changed. The Track-A-'Crat came through, noting Jim Moran's equating the GOP with the Taliban.

I'm not sure yet who the GOP will put on the ticket against this joker. Unfortunately, lack of blood circulation in the legislative district has left a distinctly blue color about the collective face.

Jim "Taliban" Moran. I think we may have a winner here. Let's see if we can make that the phrase the unruly hair in his coiffure.


  1. The American Taliban is rather apt. Not in terms of the culture they want to enforce but in the fact that they want to enforce culture.

    The persuasion of Jesus is better than the sword of Rome.


    You know it is quite possible that you fellers at RSM might want to re-evaluate your position on a libertarian/social conservative coalition after what happened in NY23 on Tuesday.

  2. @M. Simon,
    "the fact that they want to enforce culture."

    So, you don't think that the culture of weakness enforced by Socialism could be seen as an equal competitor for the Taliban title?

  3. Funny, the left loves the Taliban, loves the extremists like Dinnerjacket (too tired to spell his name right), but they sure hate their conservative friends and neighbors.

    And, In case you haven’t seen it:
    Photo of the Day – Jon Corzine seen scraping “Yes We Can” bumper sticker off of NJ state SUV