Saturday, November 7, 2009

RCP now has a Twitter page?

Who knew? At any rate, RCP/Twitter caught this exchange, beginning with my Tweet:
@Ali @Cubachi Reihan Salam Gets Punk-Smacked (I Got TIES Older Than You, Kid!) PLZ Re-Tweet
To which Patrick Ruffini responded:
@rsmccain Douthat and Salam get a lot of things wrong but can we dispense with the reflexive anti-intellectualism? #weneednewbuckleys
To which I subsequently replied:
@PatrickRuffini Anti-elitism is not anti-intellectualism Distinct phenomena, not to be confused #tcot
And furthermore:
@PatrickRuffini And we've got an annoying surfeit of Buckley wannabes #weneednewbuckleys #tcot
All of this, of course, prompted by the original punk-smacking of Salam. As to the accusation of "reflexive anti-intellectualism," I'll have more to say later. But right now my wife's waiting for me at church, where my son performs today with the academy orchestra, and I must go.

Thanks to Matt Crowl, whose Tweet brought the Salam piece to my attention.

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  1. Maybe I'm missing the forest for the trees here, but who says we need a new Buckley? Granted, the one we have (Chris) is entertaining but useless in the ongoing fight against socialism, but these are not the 1950s and we don't need to make the case that conservatism is not a fringe cult dominated by flouride-obsessed wackos any more. Conservatism is popular, it is widespread, and now it is ANGRY. "Anger can be power, you bet that we can use it!"