Sunday, November 1, 2009

NY23: Fred Thompson coming to Watertown for big Monday event

News release from Hoffman HQ:

Senator Fred Thompson (R-TN) said: "I'm coming up to Watertown on Monday to show my support for Doug Hoffman, and we need everyone who is concerned with the direction of our country to join me there tomorrow. Now that Doug is Target No. 1 for the Democrats' political machine, they are desperate to win.
"As you'd expect, the usual suspects are coming out of the woodwork, the DCCC, ACORN, the Working Families Party. It's no surprise that the other liberal who quit the race, Dede Scozzafava, is now back in the bunker. I hear even Joe Biden may drop by.
"I say, let them come. We have facts and sound, conservative principles on our side. That's our road map to victory and John Rich is going to give us the soundtrack to win by tomorrow night."
Wonder if Sarah Palin might decide to book a charter flight from Anchorage to Watertown. She's a country music fan, right?


  1. Stacy, you dirty hound. You haven't been on the phone to Alaska again, have you? Anyway, I'll give what pittance I can to your Shoe Leather fund. You deserve it. You are one fine reporter, sir.

    By God, she needs to come to counter the Biden monster. Perhaps they can have a drink-off.

  2. Alaska Air #130 Lv ANC 8 am. Ar SYR 9 pm. 9 hours (time change)


    If she isn't gone or leaving now, she won't be in NY tomorrow.

    It can't be done on a whim.

    But, if she planned it a while back, ...

    Show up for Fred. He will do.

    Sarah would also has security issues. Not so easy.

  3. The person who needs to be there is Gingrich. Scozzafava has made him look like a fool and if he isn't damn angry right now then he really is finished.

    The one good thing about this is that at this point, if Hoffman still wins, it has to be a major embarrassment for Obama.

  4. How about a series on 'How the Gin-grinch tried to steal NY-23'?

  5. If she planned it w/in the past week, a two state blitz (NY, NJ-that is, if Christie had recovered his wits by now and realize that he's up against the Zombie Crew), I can see her doing it. A charter would be more expensive. She could do the private jet thing, which is largely Stacy's point.

    Palin is into sudden, surprise moves. Nothing she does is announced in advance.

  6. Interesting backstory from Watertown Daily News: It looks like the White House is so scared of the Doug Hoffman situation, that Rahm Emanuel and Senator Schumer got together and may have hatched Scozzafava endorsing the democrat. This is probably the tip of the iceburg of the tremors that Hoffman is sending in American politics:

  7. Isn't those brave crusaders Hucky-come-lately and Silent Mittens coming?

  8. It would be great for momentum if Sarah shows. I'm in Arizona, been following you all out there for a couple days. I really hope Hoffman pulls it out.

  9. Who knows - Sarah may already be on the east coast to meet with her agent (Washington) and publisher (New York) on Monday - and all of this week - planning out her book tour, publicity materials and speaking engagements for her upcoming book release.

    She is going to speak to the Wisconsin RTL this Friday evening (Nov. 6). Sarah seems to move around the Lower 48 without being recognized. She spent all of August in San Diego working on her book without anyone recognizing her, and she spent a week in New York without anyone knowing. So if she is already in New York or Washington heading up to Watertown on Monday would be pretty easy. I'm sure they don't want to give the Dems advance notice if she is going to appear.

  10. Yah, Jesus Christmas, Anonymous, wouldn't it be funny if she just showed up in Watertown with Fred all of a sudden, tomorrow, when everyone thought she was in Anchorage? Then hightailed it down to Jersey for a Christie rally Monday night (that's if Christie has the stones to invite her, of course).

    I mean. Everyone thinks she's in Anchorage. What if she's down here? She only has a staff of three.

  11. Some one did say they saw her in Alaska yesterday trick or treating with her kids.

  12. The link by "Just Me" is bad.

    Here is the good link