Monday, November 2, 2009

NY23 VIDEO: Local GOP Official, Ex-Dede Backer, Now 100% for Doug Hoffman

Jim Fitzpatrick is secretary-treasurer of the Jefferson County (N.Y.) Republican Party. He has been a friend of Dede Scozzafava for 25 years, but after Dede committed bestiality -- love it, Rush -- Fitzpatrick is now on board for Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman.

This is a natural consequence of Dede's graceless exit. By backing the Democrat, she ensured that Republican Party officials (regardless of ideology) would shift to Hoffman:
Doug Hoffman the Conservative candidate for Congress (NY23) today received the endorsement of the Jefferson County Republican Party.
Chairman Don Coon, "I spoke to Doug Hoffman about the campaign, and our issues down in Jefferson County particularly about Fort Drum and our local economy. I am confident that we will work closely together with Doug and our local elected officials to make sure that our local concerns are addressed in Congress. I am happy to endorse Doug Hoffman on behalf of the Jefferson County Republican Committee. Doug will be a champion for conservative values and will fight the Pelosi agenda in the Congress."
"Purge"? Dede purged herself. Autodefenestration. Look it up.

UPDATE: Creepiest video of the year? Dede's shifty-eyed husband Ron McDougall interviewed exclusively by Kerry Picket of the Washington Times.