Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'She turned me into a jackass,' he said.

by Smitty (h/t Pundette)

'I got better,' continued Newt. No, that's apocryphal. Newt:
He told The Associated Press he was disappointed, and "deeply upset" that Scozzafava endorsed Owens.

"How could she have accepted all that support?" he said, adding later: "I'm very, very let down because she told everybody she was a Republican, and she said she was a loyal Republican."
Pundette is having none of this:
But Newt's been around long enough to judge on the basis of actions, not protestations of loyalty, or labels. By that standard we gave up on the RNC a long, long time ago. We've given up on Newt, too.
Actions, indeed. Once the votes are all counted, it will be interesting to see if Newt makes any effort to rehabilitate himself. Sure, he's got a long way to go before anybody trusts him, but he is a sharp fellow, has connections and could make valuable contributions, if he justs recalls and adheres to his purported principles.

As Stogie puts it:
the Newt Gingrichs of the Party have been sent packing, and that's a good thing.


  1. The very same thing happened on the Left a few years ago. After losing the presidency twice and the Senate and House for some years, the hard Left under MoveOn took the party over. The media had nothing to say about that! And look at the disaster sitting in the White House today.

  2. Jackass Newt? As an idiot or as a mascot of the Democratic Party, or both?

    Scuzzy Fat One played Newt and the NY GOP.

  3. Normally you have to go to Tijauna to see a Donkey Show this good. Newt, you and Scozzafave have a talent for show business!

  4. @Joe,
    The Scuzzy Fat One was sat on for three days by ...

  5. This is not the Newt Gingrich I used to know

    - keninnorcal

  6. Actually, Joe, its more like the 3AM show at the Ram Rod Room.

  7. We should trust him as far as his 3rd wife/former mistress can throw him.

    Rehabilitate? How exactly does one polish off a turd?

  8. @TISG,
    In the scatalogical case, use him as fertilizer.

    For Newt, well, maybe he can come up with a transition plan towards the Federalism Amendment.

    It could happen...

  9. Hey, ISG... the "polish" lever is that short silver one at the side near the top.

    Hey, I miss the old Newt. Sort of.