Monday, November 2, 2009

Rabid Right-Wing Fire Breathing Reactionary Mike Pence Stars in: 'A Frantic Anti-PelosiCare Rant'

by Smitty

Power Line has the video, as well as enumerating all 111 new bureaucratic entities in the great big little bill. Here's the video:

Someone needs to clue Mike Pence that the number of bureaucratic entities in the bill is a little tease. It's to celebrate the 111th Congress, over which Princess Pelosi presides. That Mike Pence has no sense of symbolism, and humor.

Also needing a sense of humor, this cartoonist:

These conservatives: always so touchy!

(This post offered in lieu of a primal scream.)

Update: Adrienne's Catholic Corner features Michelle Bachman call for a 05Nov protest. My excuse is that I'm still here in England.


  1. Heh. I wondered if that headline were written by that jack's ass Charles Johnson.