Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prediction: Hoffmania will continue

OK, so Doug Hoffman fell 4,000 votes short of a House seat. But ask yourself this: What will Regnery pay him as a book advance?

The basic idea of the Hoffman campaign -- an ordinary citizen taking a wild gamble on a political campaign, waging an against-all-odds underdog battle against the Establishment -- is nothing less than the epitome of the American Dream.

Hell's bells, it's a Disney movie starring Rick Moranis!

The peculiar circumstances of the NY23 special election put Hoffman in the glare of the national spotlight and, given his admitted lack of political "rock star" credentials, he did a lot better than any of the experts might have expected. As he said in his concession speech:
"This one was worth the fight. And it’s only one fight in the battle, and we have to keep fighting."
It was Hoffman's willingness to fight that made him an inspirational figure, and Erick Erickson says the fight must go on.

If the Republican bosses think they're going to pick another candidate in NY23 for 2010, they'd better think again. The grassroots conservatives -- the Tea Party people, the pro-lifers, the Club for Growth, Fred and Jeri Thompson, Sarah Palin -- who backed Doug Hoffman aren't going to forget his courageous example.

By the way, some campaign sources tell me that Mr. Hoffman was very emotionally bruised by Tuesday night's result. In recent days, he had come to believe -- like a lot of us believed -- that he was about to win an upset victory. If you'd like to send Mr. Hoffman a note of encouragement, please go to the contact" page at his Web site.

This isn't over.



  1. New York 23rd: Hoffman 46,746; Owens 50,712; Newt 00,000

    The big losers here were the RNC and RINO tolerant punditocracy. Running a turn-coat RINO was an error on many levels. I want answers. Right, I've got this basket, too, with straw...

  2. Dip's Lost CausesWed Nov 04, 06:46:00 AM

    "This isn't over."

    Get real. Owens is going to Washington, not Hoffman. Who cares whether Hoffman ends up making money from this?

  3. Can I say, btw, that you've done a superb job reporting on this race. Reading you in 2010 will be downright scary, especially watching you follow the Cuda around on the Chicken Dinner circuit.

    Palin's sentiments were deliberately Reaganesque. That was an inspiring post. Leaders do that for insurgent political movements. Republicans once had a leader who could do that for them: Reagan.

    They do again, thanks be to God.

  4. Doug Hoffman, you beat one outta two PROFESSIONAL politicians who had experience, backing, and MONEY. Bruised but not broken, I hope you fight on.

  5. Mr. Hoffman should be very encouraged by this. How many votes went to Ms. Scuzzy via absentee ballot before all the weekend shenanigans went down? Next year, after he takes the Repub primary, he'll be on TWO lines on the ballot, not just one of the "minor" ones. I was very hopeful for him this time, of course, but next year he'll run over Owens like a freight train. Bank on it.

  6. Thank you Doug Hoffman for fighting the good fight!

  7. If you'd like to send Mr. Hoffman a note of encouragement, please go to the contact" page at his Web site.

    Great idea Stacy. I would encourage everyone who supported the guy to do it. I just did...

    Mr. Hoffman:
    You ran a great campaign against even greater odds given that the establishment GOP was against you. My impression is that you are a private man. You went and put yourself in the firing line for a cause greater than yourself. This morning, you are bloodied and beaten, but your head should be unbowed. I hope you will consider running in 2010. You're just the kind of person we need in the Congress. Be not discouraged. As Churchill said many times: 'Never despair'. The Battle Rages On...

    Bob Belvedere

  8. What will Mr Potato Head do? Dede may have thrown the race, so will she be rewarded by the GOP? Michael Steele have proved to be less than a republican...

  9. "Hell's bells, it's a Disney movie starring Rick Moranis!"

    I disagree. This was Rocky. And we all know how Rocky II turned out, don't we?

  10. By the way, some campaign sources tell me that Mr. Hoffman was very emotionally bruised by Tuesday night's result.

    Totally understandable. I ran for a city council seat in our small town of 15,000 about six years ago, and finished second in a field of four. I was bruised by that, but after a day or so it had worn off. Now take that race, multiply it by a factor of 250 (for the number of voters in my ward vs. NY-23), add the national spotlight and heretofore unknown attention, plus a financial commitment I can't even imagine, and you have a recipe for an adrenaline rush lasting several weeks, followed by a crash after election night.

    I'm going to send a note of congratulations to Mr. Hoffman. Good suggestion, Stacy.

    And thanks for your great work.

  11. Sounds awesome. On behalf of the New York Democrat Party...thank you! We couldn't have done it without you...literally! Keep up the great work!

  12. Quoted from and Linked to at:

    It's Time To ROC 'N' ROLL: Restore Our Constitution & Restore Our Lost Liberties

  13. A quote from the front page of Hoffman's website:

    "Only 365 Days Until Election Day 2010!"

  14. For the first time in a zillion years the Democrats now control this seat thanks to Hoffman, Palin, Thompson and the whole crew. How is that a win?

  15. @Anonymous,
    You assert that Dede would vote any differently than Owens.


  16. Anonymous 4:48 -

    Sometimes, the cure is worse than the disease. So you live with the disease for a short time until you can find a homeopathic cure.

    Hoffman is the homeopathic cure. Scuzzyfscker was the cure worse than the disease.

    PelObama is the disease.

    -The Anon known as "Woody"

  17. Maybe between now and 2010, Mr. Hoffman will actually move into the district he wants to represent.

  18. homeopathic cure? you are aware that homeopathy is a total fraud that doesnt cure anything, right?