Saturday, January 24, 2009

The woman who created Obama

Ask your Democratic friends if they've been thoughtful enough to send a thank-you note to Jeri Lynn Zimmerman, the woman most responsible for the presidency of Barack Obama.

Never heard of Jeri Lynn Zimmerman? Yeah, well, Jack Ryan wishes he never heard of her, either.


  1. There you go, did it to me again. Picture of a pretty woman, and I click. You are evil!

  2. Hillary's carpetbagging contributed as well.

    She must be kicking herself. I'd enjoy the schadenfreude if I didn't have to suffer under 0gabe's regime.

  3. A well-known but nonetheless interesting story. It's an example of the "butterfly effect," a small action eventually leading to something big. Woman moves to west coast, black man becomes President as a result.

    I hadn't heard the point about Jeri having wandered. I had the (wrong, it seems) impression she left him because he was a perv.

    I think the author gives Keyes' run more credit than it's due, it wasn't much of a campaign.

  4. How rare is it for this to happen to your political opponent? How rarer for it to happen twice? Oh, did I mention it happened twice in the same campaign?

    The curious case of Blair Hull... Hull was the odds on favorite to oppose Ryan in the general. All he had to do was sail through the Democrat primary. Three weeks before the primary Hull's divorce records were released wherein Hull was accused of spousal abuse...

    Obama emerged in place of Hull to run against Ryan.

    Things that make you go vomit.

  5. My wife has always had the greatest observation about this whole mess. So, basically, the guy's political career was ruined because of some kiny sex stuff . . . that involved him wanting to have sex with his wife.