Friday, January 23, 2009

Dishing dirt

Moira Bagley dishes up some anti-Palin gossip at David Frum's New Majority site:
Despite the Republican National Committee's promise to donate Sarah Palin's $180,000 campaign wardrobe to charity, word has it the Alaska governor's clothes remain stuffed in trash bags at RNC headquarters, NewMajority has learned.
Gee, how does Moira Bagley get her tips?
The Kentucky native with porcelain skin came to Washington as a journalist but joined the Republican National Committee (RNC) after realizing "I couldn't hide my light under a bushel anymore," she said.
Before becoming an RNC press secretary, Bagley was a copy editor at Roll Call, where she once had a run-in with the IT department for using 80 percent of the office's Internet bandwidth to watch the National Zoo's Web cam of its newborn pandas.
Bagley was an RNC press secretary as recently as July. And now she's dishing anti-Palin gossip for Frum. Got it. Another reminder (in case one was needed) why no conservative should ever write a check to the RNC.

UPDATE: Thanks to commenter JR for calling my attention to the reaction from Red State's Erick Erickson:
The left within the Republican Party has launched a full scale assault against the conservative base.
Erick lives in Georgia, where Sarah Palin recently helped save Saxby Chambliss's Senate seat. Whose Senate seat has Moira Bagley saved lately? If the Republican elite wants to start a war with the Republican base, my money is on the base.

UPDATE II: Linked by Kathy Shaidle. Today I found myself having to explain to American Spectator managing editor J.P. Freire that there's a reason she's called Five Feet of Fury.


  1. also responded to this "Story" on Frum's site

    check it out

  2. To borrow from a commenter on that site - "conservatism is going to 'win again' by continuing the ridiculous obsession with Sarah Palin's campaign wardrobe?"

    No kidding.

    Good grief, I can see Frum is attracting people that are as petty, snarky, and utterly useless to the conservative movement as he is.

  3. Nice touch, that porcelain skin thing. Wouldn't Frum and his ilk normally smell -- gasp! -- RACISM in such a description??

    I'm surprised that line got through the NewMajority anti-Hick-O-Meter

  4. Folks, you know this is the Ford-Reagan battle of '76 all over again. We have all the same crap the establishment crowd did to Reagan that they are doing to Palin. These people could not shine her stilletos! Here is a clue. You have to RUN and WIN elections to put ideas in to practice. Even I, a humble blogger and commenter realize that!

  5. While she may be posting this in an effort to make Palin look bad, this post puts the RNC in a negative light, not Sarah Palin - she returned the wardrobe to the RNC, the fact that they haven't done anything with it is their own wrongdoing, not Palin's.

  6. "Porcelain skin"? They sound like they're describing Melanie Wilkes.

  7. May be they are holding on to them for her run in 2012...Then again, may be Moira Baglady wanted the clothes for herself. WHo knows, who cares. We're about to get socialism rammed down our throat and up our bum and this is what she comes up with? She needs to stay away from the RNC and the right in general.

  8. Frum's website has been "up" for two days, and already is bashing conservative Republicans. Who needs it? The Anchorage Times is using it to smear Palin, citing "conservative blog." Is this another way for the liberals to tear down the conservatives -- by starting a website, calling itself a conservative one, and then tearing down conservatives? We don't need to support Frum's new website -- let's just ignore it.

    Furthermore, this Moria Baglady was probably one of the McCain staffers who worked against Palin during the campaign. I have no respect for this Moria woman...