Thursday, January 22, 2009


Swiped from FishbowlDC.

UPDATE: Jack Shafer writes about Matthews's annoying chatterbox routine during MSNBC's inauguration coverage, and quotes this stupid anecdote as a typical example:
You know, Keith, this country is not as monarchical as it sometimes seems to the outsiders. I was at the shoe store the other day to get my shoes fixed, and sitting next to me -- standing next to me at the cobbler was Jane Roberts, the wife of the Supreme Court justice. I was at a Georgetown game the other day, watching them beat Providence, and sitting next to me is the chief justice. I keep saying to myself, That's the chief justice of the United States sitting there next to me. He's a sports fan. There is some measure of democracy that comes to mind here.
OK, and your point would be . . .? I mean, if you hang around D.C. enough, you're going to bump into famous people from time to time. But does the fact that Justice Roberts likes basketball and Jane Roberts sometimes needs to get a broken heel repaired really illustrate "some measure of democracy," as Matthews suggests? Or is he just bumping his gums and filling the airwaves with random idiocy?

Somewhere, there is a retired NBC executive -- the guy who originally hired Matthews -- who cringes every time he flips over and sees Matthews chattering away like a meth-addicted chimpanzee. And you know that former NBC executive says to himself: "What have I done? My God, what I have I done?"

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