Thursday, January 22, 2009

Songs in the key of Hope

Megan Cox Gurdon:
In some [Washington, D.C. area] schools, adult enthusiasm for the new president has come perilously close to indoctrination.
That's what a friend of mine encountered at the private elementary school her child attends. Stopping by the school one day not long ago, she happened to run into the music teacher.
"I'm so excited," the teacher bubbled, “I've just composed a song for the children!" The purpose of the song, the teacher explained, was to celebrate the results of a school wide mock election in which – surprise! -- Barack Obama had come out victorious.
"And the chorus goes, 'Yes We Can!' " the teacher enthused. My friend was stunned. What was the school thinking, getting children to sing political campaign slogans?
She took her concerns to the school principal, fearful that her objections would be taken the wrong way. . . .
In the principal’s office, my friend gently pointed out that when we see schoolchildren in foreign countries chanting government slogans we call it political indoctrination.
I'm not deranged, honest I'm not.

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  1. The company I work for is a high-tech company with a lot of "programmer" types. The company set up the auditorium and all the lunch/break rooms for TV viewing of the Coronation proceedings. When it was time for my lunch, I went to the near by break room but there was no seating available as it was filled with Obama Worshippers (tm), so I and my Indian contract programmer went down to the cafeteria (no TV) which was essentially deserted. On the way back to our offices, we observed the packed full auditorium with people jumping out of their seats and CHEERING LOUDLY (at the TV screen!!!). WTF is up with that? You'd think it was some kind of football game or something with everyone cheering their home team. Blech! I sulked back to my office not able to answer my Indian programmers questions about what we just observed...