Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tingling! Tingling!

Michelle Malkin is monitoring media cliches about the inauguration. Howard Kurtz:
The country's big-name anchors, actors, commentators, news executives, producers, editors and scribes have been celebrating the quadrennial event -- and themselves -- at one glitzy gathering after another in the run-up to today's inauguration. . . .
Every inauguration is a major media moment, with nonstop television coverage, newspapers churning out special editions and correspondents parachuting in from around the globe. But it is hard to envision this level of intensity if John McCain were taking the oath of office. All the hoopla has left the impression that many in journalism are thrilled by Obama's swearing-in.
Meanwhile Malkin points to a study showing that many journalists have been celebrating Obama with their Facebook status updates.

Allah has an open thread for the Obamapotheosis.

UPDATE: Ace of Spades becomes "A New Ace for a New Era." He links to Ramesh Ponnuru's take on the speech:
"We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories." Good luck with that, Mr. President.
That's just it, isn't it? Obama promises the sun, the moon, and the stars, and is celebrated for the ambition of his promises, no matter how absurdly unrealistic they may be. Text of the speech is here.

UPDATE II: Vicious right-wing attack dog Glenn Reynolds: "I find that my overwhelming feeling for him right now is sympathy . . ."

UPDATE III: Did you hear about the evil racist Congressman who tried to pull rank at the inauguration and started hassling a black policeman? Name that party!

UPDATE IV: Reactions from Nordlinger and Levin.

UPDATE V: Tingling from the L.A. Times:
Few moments in our modern political history have been as eagerly anticipated as today's inauguration. After eight increasingly dispiriting years, the Bush administration at last exits the stage, to be succeeded by Barack Obama and the impressive Cabinet he has assembled. . . . In Obama, America has chosen a leader of eloquence and vision, of patience, intelligence and extraordinary capacity.
Ignore those 58 million who disagreed.

UPDATE VI: Jules Crittenden has a roundup of the pre-inaugural media tongue-bath.

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  1. "But it is hard to envision this level of intensity if John McCain were taking the oath of office."

    Gee, I wonder why?
    RS, I've got a response to your" It just won't work" message:
    Republicans, you just don't get it.
    Really, aside from making sure that the true believers of the Conservative "philosophy" do not leave the reservation, the constant whining about the imagined unfairness of media coverage only serves to show that you need to add obliviousness to the list of Conservative ills.
    Bitter, sore Americans clinging to their talk show hosts and their ideologies.What happened to you guys?