Saturday, January 24, 2009

Starlet 'needy and immature'?

Jennifer Love Hewitt dumps fiance Ross McCall because she is "so needy and immature":
"She would call McCall up and go, 'Can you come and sit with me? I'm cold,' " she said. "She would drag him on the set and then pout and they'd fight. Mainly, it was her needing something from him: 'Can you say you love me?' "
Not only a liberal ditz, but a needy and immature liberal ditz. Or is that redundant?

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  1. Needy and immature are different things.

    Immature is a childish perspective of powerlessness. Needy is a chronic lifestyle of being cared for.

    Needy means expecting someone to provide necessities and comfort items. Immature means refusal to take responsibility for providing for one's own needs and comfort.

    Hmm. Maybe they are redundant.

    Calling McCall to come to here, though, is yanking his chain to see what happens. It is a "test" of "courtly love" in the Renaissance Italian mode. You know, this knight wants to marry this princess, but her father tells him he needs to perform three heroic deeds. That kind of story.

    In relationship lingo, she abused his respect and trust by calling wolf, calling for trivial reasons. In relationship lingo, the second time he rushed over for a trivial call he failed the "is man enough" test - he isn't confident, isn't in charge, lets her run over him roughshod. He should have been smart enough to dump the abusive lady.

    She should grow to be smart enough to be responsible for her actions, to respect herself, respect him, and respect the gift he gives of his time.

    I wouldn't call her needy or immature. Plain, snot-nosed abusive is what I see.