Monday, January 19, 2009

Media hypes assassination fears

Apparently undeterred by the frightening phrase "President Biden," some idiots just don't get it:
A Wisconsin man was arrested Friday in Mississippi after authorities said he threatened on the Internet to kill Mr. Obama.
Steven Joseph Christopher, 42, was arrested by the Secret Service in Brookhaven, Miss., and charged with threatening to assassinate Mr. Obama for what he claimed was "the country's own good," federal prosecutors said. Authorities said Mr. Christopher made the threats Jan. 11 and 15.
This is something that you shouldn't really have to explain, but nonetheless, you do: The Secret Service doesn't kid around, OK?

One of the things about covering a presidential campaign is that when you go out to these events, you have to pass through heavy-duty Secret Service security -- first the metal detectors, then you get "wanded," and if you're carrying a bag (as any reporter must) this must be inspected by bomb-sniffing dogs. It's a tremendous hassle, and then there's all those guys with the wires in their ears. Gives me the heeby-jeebies.

Under no circumstances do you even joke about something like a threat against a candidate. Ever. People who do idiot stuff like that are the ones who cause all this security hassle. Squeaky Fromme, John Hinckley, and all those hundreds of crackpots you never hear about because their threats get reported and they find themselves visited by clean-cut, well-dressed men who are extremely serious about their jobs.

Most of these nuts are utterly harmless -- you can bet this Brookhaven guy is a pathetic loser -- but every threat has to be investigated. However, this doesn't begin to justify all these idiotic media stories hyping the threats. D.C. will be in such an extreme stage of security alert on Tuesday that there won't be the slightest danger to the new president, and the media is only feeding needless fears.

But, of course, nobody blinks an eye when an inaugural speaker has connections to Hamas.


  1. I pray for Obama's safety.
    Some mistakes must be lived out fully, not truncated.

  2. Well said Smitty. Disagree with the sentiment but a call for reason and calm is gravely needed.
    Unfortunately while the Right-Wing media drives the troglodytes of the Conservative base into a frenzy you are bound to run into an idiot or two who actually believe that Obama is dangerous and that an attempt on his life is " necessary for the good of the country".
    I believe in principled opposition, which is why I don't think RS' " it just won't work" contrarianism falls short of an effective counterbalance to the new administration.
    But at least RS is not taking it as far as Limbaugh or Hannity with their relentless fear mongering.