Friday, January 23, 2009

'The right man won in 2008'

National Review's Jim Geraghty:
Mac is back -- back to his moral preening about how bipartisan he is, back to his reflexive demonization of his own party, back to his refusal to recognize any legitimate concerns raised by those who disagree with him. If we're going to have Democratic agenda enacted, better it be by a Democrat than a Republican obsessed with avoiding the "partisan" label in the White House.


  1. You mean back with his knee pads on. As much as he thought it was his turn, it seems more and more he really didn't give damn if he won or lost. He's insufferable.

  2. I buy Jim Geraghty's argument.

  3. I WISHED THAT I DID VOTE FOR BOB BARR! But, joke aside, your Crazy Cousin John would have NEVER had my vote if he did NOT choose Gov. Palin as his running mate. She single handedly kept the election from being a total blowout.