Saturday, January 24, 2009

SCHIP bloat

George Freaking Will:
By a vote of 289 to 139, with 40 Republicans joining the majority, the House, in the process of reauthorizing the State Children's Health Insurance Program, doubled the funding, thereby transforming it through "mission creep." SCHIP's purpose, when it was enacted by a Republican-controlled Congress in 1997, was to subsidize state governments as they subsidize health care for families too affluent to be eligible for Medicaid but not affluent enough to afford health insurance. Because any measure acquires momentum when it is identified as for "the children," SCHIP was said to be for "poor children" or children of "the working poor." . . .
The new expansion, which is vengeance for Bush's [2007] veto [of a proposed $35 billion increase in the program], is mission gallop: It will make it much easier for some states to extend SCHIP eligibility to children from families earning up to $84,800. Furthermore, to make "poor" an extremely elastic concept, generous "income disregards" are allowed. Families can, depending on their state's policies, subtract from their income calculation what they spend on rent or mortgage or heating or food or transportation or some combination of these. So children in some families with incomes well over $100,000 will be eligible.
Welcome to the Obama Age: Massive budget-busting giveaways, and nobody notices or cares.


  1. I care; I care deeply. But then again, I'm not a Washington Republican. In fact, after the primary debacle in FL last year, I'm not even a Republican since I changed my voters registration to NPA! The Repugnicans are done; stick a fork in it.

  2. we all have our beliefs, and i think obama's stimulus plan might just work out. but hey, that's just me ;)