Tuesday, January 20, 2009


You know the moonbats had to throw one last spastic fit of hate to finish off eight years of barking madness, and This Ain't Hell's John Lilyea was there:
I'm guessing that these organizations that spent the last eight years hating Bush are hurting for donations because Obama won the election. Regular BDS sufferers were purely partisan and they're perfectly content to have The One in office. It's making life hard for the Far Left who've been scaring people for eight years over things that never happened, so they're clinging to the "Impeach Bush" excuse to remain relevant.
These angry-pest leftoids were useful to Democrats when they were out of power, but since Democrats took Congress in 2006, the Code Pink/International ANSWER faction has become less relevant, and after today, they'll find they've got no friends inside the newly empowered and respectable Democratic Party.

John's got lots of photos and videos, so check it out. The leftoid freak show is over, and I'm sure we'll miss it. Eventually. Once the stench fades.

UPDATE: Sister Toldjah thinks the freak show will continue. Nice new look at her blog, BTW.

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  1. Wouldn't the money spend on that blow up doll have been better spent on food for the hungry?

    borders on rhetorical, I guess..