Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Democrat's gay teen sex scandal

Excuse the British tabloid headline, but the Oregonian can't bring itself to mention the party affiliation of Portland Mayor Sam Adams:
In his first face-off with reporters, Portland Mayor Sam Adams apologized for "a sexual relationship" he had with Beau Breedlove and for lying about it during his campaign for office.
"I made a mistake," Adams said, adding that he has no plan to resign. "This was clearly an error. I clearly messed this one up. But it's an anomaly over the two decades I've served Portland." . . .
Adams met Beau Breedlove in April 2005. Breedlove, then 17, was an intern at the Oregon Legislature for Rep. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer. Adams, 42 and a city of Portland commissioner, was in Salem on a lobbying trip. They struck up a conversation, and Breedlove called Adams soon after, hoping for both professional and personal advice on coming out of the closet in the political world.
So, the lover boy was a mere lad of 17 and an intern when he first met Mayor NAMBLA, who now tries the Gus Grissom defense: "It was a glitch! A technological malfunction!" Not trying to get all judgmental here but:
  • If the mayor was a Republican, this story would be top-of-the-hour news on CNN and MSNBC, and the liberal blogosphere would be pounding it like Gene Krupa in "Sing, Sing, Sing."
  • "Beau Breedlove" -- that's the kind of name that any second-rate novelist would be embarrassed to give a gay character. It's like "Pussy Galore" or something.
Which is to say, the intrinsic news value of the story -- as per the usual standards of the industry -- would seem to merit more coverage than it's actually getting.

UPDATE: Cold Fury: "Anybody remember the OUTRAGE! over Mark Foley?"

UPDATE II: Fox News:
"I lied at the time because I was afraid that people would believe untrue rumors being circulated by an undeclared mayoral opponent that I had broken a law involving sexual relations with a minor. But this is not a good excuse," Adams said in his statement.
Right. Mayor NAMBLA had the legal savvy to wait a few weeks until Beau Breedlove turned 18 before pouncing like Michael Moore on a bacon double cheeseburger. And not even Fox News mentions that the twink-hopping mayor is a Democrat.

UPDATE III: Liberal blogger Pam Spaulding:
[O]bviously the young man, Beau Breedlove was of age, though clearly adding homosexuality and stereotyping into the mix and expect a scandal.
C'mon, Pam: Foley was guilty of nothing more than sending creepy e-mails, but resigned automatically and his scandal was treated by Democrats as the major campaign issue of 2006. Yet here you have a Democrat whose entire campaign theme was "first openly gay mayor," who meets a 17-year-old in April 2005, begins an affair three months later -- when the mayor-to-be was 42 and the boy had apparently just turned 18 -- and the best you can do is to offer a lame complaint about "stereotyping"?

Clayton Cramer: "Where Do These Nasty Stereotypes Come From?" Yeah. Good thing it was a Democratic mayor. If Adams was a Catholic priest, they'd do a week's worth of "Nightline" about it. Not to mention "The View," "Oprah" and "Larry King Live."

UPDATE IV: UN human rights official in kiddie porn bust.


  1. Stacy:
    It's gotten so bad that Obama could walk to the podium naked with a chihuahua attached to his member and the press would comment how nice he looked today. It's not surprising at all. Not what happened or the fact it is being passed over. It's not lowering the bar, but removing it.

  2. Jeez o petes,.. there was no issue with letting people know HER party affiliation..

    Breedlove, then 17, was an intern at the Oregon Legislature for Rep. Kim Thatcher, R-Keizer.

    Is leaving the 'R' in there some sub-conscience effort to drag a republican through an underage teen sex scandal?

  3. Use here of the term "Gus Grissom defense" might be cause for pause. Presumably you're referring to Lieut. Col. Grissom's flight in Mercury-Redstone 4 (a/k/a "Liberty Bell 7") on 21 July 1961, and the blowing of the hatch cover on splashdown, causing the sinking of the capsule.

    Col. Grissom always denied touching the trigger for the hatch's explosive bolts, and his hand did not have the telltale bruise that activation of the device apparently left. Recovery of the capsule in 1999 yielded no new evidence, but many suspect that a parachute shroud triggered an external release lanyard.

    In any case, NASA had enough confidence in Col. Grissom to keep him on the astronaut flight roster -- and he flew in Gemini 3, and died in Apollo 1 in January of 1967.

    A small thing, perhaps, but I mention it because Col. Grissom certainly had his share of ill luck; but as a veteran of Korea, and a holder of the Distinguished Flying Cross, to say nothing of dying trapped in Apollo 1, I think he deserves the benefit of any doubt we can give him, and certainly he doesn't merit even incidental association with the disgusting Mayor of Portland.

  4. Do a google search for the Willamette Weekly article. There's more to this story. A reporter for an alternative paper who was continuing to investigate the Adams/Breedlove affair was hired by Adams to a job she had no experience or qualifications. Both deny that it was to silence her.

  5. Sorry for any disrespect for Grissom. I'm thinking about the famous scene in "The Right Stuff."

  6. Don't get me wrong, I like your blog, and in general agree with the post. So few people know who Col. Grissom is anymore that I felt compelled to speak up for him.

    Funny thing about film. Col. Grissom, and Patton, Robert E. Lee, Napoleon, George Washington or any other historical character taken in hand by Hollywood -- were all real, had real thoughts, feelings, opinions, etc. But to moderns, who usually get what history they have through film -- the real individual is lost in the process. For viewers of the film, Patton is forever after George C. Scott.

  7. and to today's youth..

    Grissom was the dude from CSI.. :)

  8. Mayor NAMBLA had the legal savvy to wait a few weeks until Beau Breedlove turned 18 before pouncing like Michael Moore on a bacon double cheeseburger.

    The man already admits to lying about this affair. Why does anyone believe that he's telling the truth about waiting until Breedlove was 18? Consider: if Adams didn't wait, he committed statutory rape, so he would definitely have a motive to lie.

  9. Dave C:
    A republican in Oregon is like a mainstream democrat in most other states.

  10. El Jefe - I'm glad you came to Grissom's defense and set the record straight.

    Dave C - did you mean sub-conscious? Because I kind of like "sub-conscience", it really fits, if you read "sub" as "below-par".

  11. sub-conscious

    thank you

    depend on the firefox spell check too often..